An Italian course in Italy can also be an excellent excuse to attend a course of fashion design in one of the cities most important for Italian fashion. That is Florence. Design course design course aims to introduce students to the fascinating and creative world of fashion. During the course students may project a collection of dresses or accessories, inspired by the details and in the ideas suggested by the art, the history and different cultures. There are no limits or links to your creativity.The acquired knowledge will be put into practice through the implementation of a personal portfolio.

It will be particular attention to trends in fashion. The language course design school is part of the training offered by Europass, a language school that is headquartered in the old Center of Florence. Europass welcomes every year to nearly 500 students from all over the world who want to learn Italian and make important formative experiences.In addition to courses of fashion and language school also offers other courses of art, cuisine, culture and much more. Discounts and contacts you can discover if you have the right to a grant of study or another ayudos simply by clicking here! If you need more informations about the courses of Italian in Florence and the prices completes this form!