The Buoy

In terms of operation, it is very simple and if you look at the remote control you will understand it, since commands are few and Basic. This button start-up, signs of more and less, and something else above the center of the remote control with four buttons) brand of front, left, right and emptying), imitating a circle, and a button for pause in the middle. ABILITY to simple view the space allocated to the load may seem small, but is enough for our purpose. It is a drawer opened by the back and covered with two mobile caps, who works as a real dump. Inside you can place line with bait and lead bass, and cover of groundbait until reaching the limit of capacity, about 2 kilos more rig. As they can see the manufacturer recommends put bass line on a shaft for the purpose, and that pound at the moment of pressing the button of dump.

The two ways are practical, yet which personally I prefer the faster, which is to leave the rig in the same trough mixed with the groundbait because so I can assure me that falls intermingled and at the same time. CONCLUSIONS your performance, capacity and range allow Prime with total precision, especially if we start by properly mark with buoys signs. For example, nothing more start the day can carry rigs and something of groundbait to its final location, and once in fishing action begin with Prime attraction, bringing the boat to the same height (thanks to the buoy flag) per above, below or around it, depending on whether there is current or not. Moreover, thanks to its extraordinary scope you can fish the inaccessible shores, usually we have opposite. But the most important is the information that reaches us by radio through the transducer probe (sonar) information in real time. Depth, temperature of the water, and presence or not of fish… See pictures primer boat with remote control