System of Goals

The Inflation, mainly in Brazil, is considered as a monster that ' ' devora' ' the purchasing power of the agents. After to have suffered years with high taxes from inflation, under the Real plan, the Brazilian got used to see it in low platforms. Ahead of the globalization the floating exchange if became rule and brought an ally for the combat to the inflation: the regimen of goals. This fixed regimen a goal to be pursued by the Central banking in order to keep the variation of prices in considered levels low. It is intended in this work to show as the structure of this regimen functions, approaching existing literature in order to verify the relative concepts to such regimen as well as its origin. It is observed in the last decade that a great group of economists started to defend as main objective of the monetary politics the stability of prices. In this context some countries of the world, between them Brazil, comes adopting the regimen of inflation goals as standard of behavior of the monetary politics. It is also looked to analyze the effectiveness of this strategy and the factors that the atingimento of the intended goals has influenced.