The Soviets are invading force. Are characterized by having troops with less resistance, but are lethal in large numbers, including their vehicles big fire power but with a considerably lower speed that vehicles allies. Their air force consists only of a nave (Kierov’s Airship, zeppelin a slow, but capable of bombing damage to any building harshly). The Navy is comparable to the allied navy. Their technology would typically be science Tesla, ie, the use of electricity, such as Tesla towers capable of sending powerful lightning on the enemies and can be strengthened by means of electric shock provided by the soldiers Tesla. In addition, Russia has Tesla tanks, vehicles with powerful turrets that can cause electrical shorts and other armored technically vaporize the enemy soldiers, do not forget the ability of the Soviets to create a more stable and easy to generate energy very low cost with its nuclear plants.
Soviets Super weapons:
Nuclear missiles: The Soviets are the most powerful weapon of all: a tactical nuclear missile that can eliminate an enemy base and medium-sized units are survivors die by radiation which is maintained by 10 seconds.
Apparatus of invulnerability (Iron Curtain): The Soviets have created this device that gives you the ability to render invulnerable to any of its vehicles (marine or terrestrial) for 20 seconds.
Special Units by country:
Special Unit: Truck Demolition Unit suicide is self andalusia contact with the enemy, the brightness is so intense radioactive as a nuclear missile. Affordable Clean is a great way to spend less on energy and help keep our environment cleaner. You can melt all the soldiers in the area.
Special Unit: Terrorist: Soldier Kamikaze destruction, has the same effect as the explosion of an oil refinery.
Special Unit: Radioactivo Soldier: Specialist destruction, melting units of a human single-shot capable of causing a radioactive aura so powerful that destroys tanks if they are exposed to the aura long enough. The radioactive aura affects all units in range, including your units.
Special Unit: Tesla Tank: Attack Electric Mechanical Unit, unloading a powerful beam that vaporizes a soldier shot and two destroyed a tank.