Shopping Online

How quickly, almost precipitously entered our lives online. And already our children and our mothers confidently shake button, sending a letter, seeking a new retseptik reading the article. And how much less it became personal, free time for women, even compared with the measured life of our parents. We have no time to go to the movies – we download movies, once we read – we watch the news on the network, we have no time to buy – we order in online stores for almost everything. Yes, it is still fairly new phenomenon for Russia – online clothing store and shoe seems to be firmly entrenched in the lives of women and the large cities and remote villages. Active woman and rabotatet, and educates children and watching the house, and helps native, often also leads an additional job or business, and distance from work to home and shop more, and, therefore, time for the classic trek to the store is not so much.

And how annoying it is for the lost time allocated per day for a visit to a clothing store and go home with nothing. Much easier to sit in the evening at the computer and order the desired . there is a fair question – and how fitting, and not suddenly bring that size, but if you do not like it or not this color? "Of course, there's always a choice for the buyer – whether to take a courier online clothing store ordered thing ichi no. But you want to be approached. So we offer a few advice to those who order clothes online stores. 1. Carefully read the description – of what made the thing, what size range (if you have the extreme dimensions of this series, – there is a chance that the thing will not work – and will not compare with anything – just no more or less), and who the manufacturer of the garment.

2. Call or write the store manager and ask for clothes-fits whether or not a garment to your specific height, the volume of the chest, waist and hips. Ask whether the material is stretched, whether there is a part of lycra or elastane. 3. Pay attention to the clothing of the Russian manufacturers – often now, our clothes are sewn quality, soundly and correctly, than the cheap Chinese or Turkish. All Russian manufacturers adhere to standards developed based on the size of Russian women is 4. Always read the online internet clothing store, how the exchange or refund. After all, as it happens – we'll buy the thing-like, but at home we look – not the same. The store kind of thing will be within 7 days after purchase, the same law applies to online clothing stores here only have to pay a visit to the courier (but save money and time on his trip). 5. ask for opportunity to bring the two neighboring size – one so fine. And the opportunity to order two or three models to choose from, so do not wait for the second time a courier, if one model is not liked.