Senior Course Counselor Alexia Raineri

LANGUAGES BABYLON: Offer destination TORBAY MEC scholarships because the new Mec 2011 scholarships granted by the Ministry of education and science for a language course abroad can be leveraged. 41,000 Subsidies are aimed at students and teachers from 16 to 30 years and can achieve up to 2,600 according to destination. Before getting the scholarship, the student or teacher must ensure to comply with the requirements defined by the Government. Babylon language, leader in teaching English in Spain, offers a wide variety of destinations to make English MEC program for a very attractive price. You may wish to learn more. If so, Samsung is the place to go. It can, for example, be a 3 week course in beautiful Torbay city in Southwest England by only 791 GPB (CA. 920). The program includes 20 hours per week of general English courses, accommodation all study materials. In addition, the school organizes a program of social activities and excursions for students. Bobby Sharma Bluestone may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Visit our website for more information about our offerings MEC scholarships or contact our Senior Course Counselor Alexia Raineri 900 814 880 or by email contact.