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Coaching can bring much because it achieves that people come to their own internal capacities to resolve conflicts and in the generation of extraordinary ideas to boost their own lives to major changes and hence to changes in companies. All change is in the mind of a person, in fact if someone is deeply convinced of something then happen that the universe would be organized to create all the necessary conditions to make the idea work to perfection. What is the limit? Since these beliefs, the fact of questioning our own capacities, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt know the principles of the because we are spiritually powerful beings and how many people have used this power either conscious or unconscious way, by reading this book you will know the secrets of faithIt will knock down the feelings of guilt that prevent you having a life full of satisfactions both personal and business. In virtually all forums about direction, leadership, intellectual capital, management of the knowledge, competencies, etc. is alluding to the need for organizations that the role of the Manager to evolve towards the facilitator. This role oriented to results but also to people, is much more in tune with the organizations that are committed to lifelong learning.

This works to the extent that people are prepared for the changes. The ability to learn faster than your competitors, is probably the only sustainable advantage. I believe that a large majority agree with the above, but when you assume intentions and moves on to think about the actions the question that arises is how can I do it? Logically requires intelligent and steady work, to get to that point people should be committed and accomplishments that will undoubtedly present. Coaching allows operationalizing this change of role in organizations, providing a structured and efficient model that allows you to properly manage performance and boost the development of the potential of collaborators. In short: coaching brings value to organizations because: Improvement of the performance of employees.

. It achieves a deep inner conviction of the ideas of change. He breaks paradigms It develops the potential. It improves relations directivo-colaborador. It encourages leadership It facilitates motivation It increases the involvement. It reinforces self-esteem. Given the importance of the benefits, increasingly are more organizations that incorporate their culture and management style, remember that the most important thing is the deep desire for change and use the tools of the development of human resources to make ideas work.