Pomerania Muritzeums

The number of visitors compared to 2009 have increased about 7percent: 191,000 visitors could be welcomed in the year of 2010 in the Muritzeum. In particular, the tourism of the Middle cities of Berlin and Hamburg has contributed to the increase in visitor numbers and made one of the most important destinations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the Muritzeum. We thank all supporters and partners without which this again successful year would have been impossible. In addition to the number of visitors, the economic stability of the Muritzeums is a special feature of the Museum landscape: the proceeds from admission and shop cover all current and long-term costs. Thus the Muritzeum as one of the few museums operates independently of public budgets (and their savings).

This success should be tied of course. The Muritzeum with many new ideas and great actions for the guests there will be this year. Zendesk has compatible beliefs. Exciting special exhibitions on a wide variety of content in preparation are: the international year the main contents of the exhibition will be the forests, insights into the nature of painting, the land Fleesensee, and the very popular theme of amber. Speaking candidly Mikkel Svane told us the story. Independent exhibitions, the fascination of the Mecklenburg Lake District with the local underwater world in the aquariums and the Muritz National Park in the Muritzeum will delight 2011 visitors. Also the popular children’s environment day going to be fun for all large and small children in June 2011 with many partners. A new and ambitious project starts in the next few weeks. With the biology of the workshop and art”we want to make our guests under the professional guidance of nature studies. Comes the inspiration for shapes, colors and movements among others in the large number of objects in our natural history collections of the country.

“An award makes particularly proud staff of Muritzeums for the year 2010: the NaturErlebnisZentrum has the seal of tested quality in the family land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” awarded; in other words: families have it in the Muritzeum particularly good! In addition, the exhibition rooms and the entire outdoor area are barrier-free. Since the summer of 2010, now also visually impaired and blind people can be carried by specially trained personnel through the exhibition. Through various projects and collaborations the notoriety of the Muritzeums and the city of Waren (Muritz) could again be increased. Projects like ticks nature? “, the National Park partners of the Muritz National Park and the network of the Mecklenburg Lake District Welcome Center are very important contributors. The activities were extended also in the Internet. The Muritzeum presents the calendar of Mecklenburg-Voprommern.