Platinum Malware Treatment Award

As can be seen from Tables 1-3, the most difficult to remove was a backdoor spy Sinowal (Mebroot), who could not cure any of the tested anti-virus. Next in complexity for the removal should be sensational Trojan TDL3 (TDSS, Alureon, Tidserv), worm Worm.Scano (Areses) and virus Virus.Protector (Kobcka, Neprodoor). They managed no more than three of the tested anti-virus. Also quite difficult to remove malicious programs were TDL2 (TDSS, Alureon, Tidserv), Srizbi, Rootkit.Podnuha (Boaxxe), SubSys (Trojan.Okuks), Rustock (NewRest) and Rootkit.Protector (Cutwail, Pandex), with them able to handle up to five anti-virus. Final test results and rewards in the end, only 6 out of 17 tested antivirus software showed good results for the treatment of active infection. According to the present for all such tests, the system awards, the highest award of Platinum Malware Treatment Award at this time have not received one. The best on the test results were Dr.Web and Kaspersky Antivirus, which is well cured system in 13 of 16 cases and received well-deserved award Gold Malware Treatment Award.

Good results have also shown anti-virus software Avast! Professional Edition and Microsoft Security Essentials, received the award Silver Malware Treatment Award, as well as Norton AntiVirus and F-Secure Anti-Virus, received Bronze Malware Treatment Award. It is worth mentioning the unexpectedly high results of a new free anti-virus Microsoft, which from the very first time was able to enter into this prize difficult test. This result indicates that the corporation pays attention to the problem of eliminating active infections. You also need to make a comment about VBA32 Antivirus. The fact is that in the distribution of Antivirus is Vba32 AntiRootkit, which must be run separately (in the interface there is no information about it) and make removal of malware from the system in manual mode. The same goes for utilities Eset SysInspector. According to the methodology of the test we could not take them into account, but the effectiveness of these programs (as well as other anti-rootkit and tools for the treatment system), we check in the near future, a separate test.