Brazil is a great holiday destination, by the Carnival up to much offered the jungle with the Amazon is power here. Learn more at: Ali Partovi. Brazil is very popular for years as a holiday destination, the possibilities offered by the huge country in South America are enormous. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, it is a former colony of Portugal. The Amazon in the North cuts across the country, the tropical rainforest and the Andes eat the largest power in the world. There are islands in the river that are greater than the whole Switzerland. A cruise on the Amazon River is also very popular. But caution is required in this area, the risk of malaria is very high, you should inform himself so previously in detail about vaccinations. On the coast, in the big cities, there is no risk, here you can make carefree holiday.

The Carnival Citadel, of course, are particularly popular at Carnival time, Salvador is 6 days and 6 nights long in the streets, celebrated on the beach. Of course the Carnival is celebrated in Rio de Janeiro very extensively in dance schools will be trained year-round hard for the performances at the Carnival. Brazil is especially proud of its wonderful beaches, locals and tourists seeking relaxation here. The symbol of Rio de Janeiro is the statue of the Liberator on a rock, opposite is the Sugarloaf, an over 300 metres high rock which looks like the hat of Plantagenarbeiters. With a cable car, you can go on the rocks, here of course has a super overview of the entire city and the port. Sao Paulo is the largest city of Brazil, is South of Rio, a little away from the coast. You should bring some time for a holiday in Brazil, there is much to see.