Unlike most slider phone cellular service providers in the U.S., MetroPCS uses a billing method of the single tariff, offering unlimited cellular phone plans local calling plan without a contract for 30 per month before taxes, as well as local plans and intercity Unlimited for 35 – 50 per month (depending on optional features).
U30 Plan ( 30 per month): unlimited local calling (no extra features) the E35 ( 35 per month): unlimited local LG and distance calling (no extra features) the E40 ( 40 per month): unlimited local and distance cellular phones calling (unlimited text, standard voice mail, caller id) E45 Plan ( 45 per month): unlimited local and distance calling (unlimited text messaging and picture, international text, voicemail higher, Caller ID called three-way, Mapquest Samsung and Internet access) the E50 ( 50 per month): cell phones All about free cell phones with every plan and include your personal email account cellular providers of MetroPCS.
MetroPCS is offering the deals currently on the family plan in candy bar phone which customers can take two to five lines cellular phones of service for a you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans discounted rate. Each line in the cell phones plan gets the 40 dollar fee Nokia to lower rates (more lines get better Free cell phones rates).
2 lines ( 70 per month) 3 lines ( 90 per month) 4 lines ( 100 per month) 5 lines ( 125 per mobile phones month)
The company offers phones manufactured by Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, free phones Kyocera, UTStarcom (formerly Audiovox), and many others. The phones come preloaded with cellular coverage portals to their shop to offer the portable content such as games, ringtones, wireless providers wallpapers, etc. wireless phones The new phone is a portal to Motorola the metro and the phones are usually loaded ringtones on them.
MetroConnect is plans a fundamental part of the portal’s metro. the advance paid by a separate account that customers can add funds to purchase games, ringtones, wallpaper panels, wander the MetroPCS HTC network, and make international calls.

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