Organizing School Canteens

In every primary school canteens should exist for future total supplies and / or part of the garden produce and / or farm of the respective schools, operated by teachers, students and parents organized into cooperatives: We know that this is done with success in many places, but should be done everywhere. The production of these gardens and / or farms should not exceed what is necessary for the dining room to which it supplies. Try these productions would systematically sell counter. To spread these practices of home economics through the education system, be assured. that children and their parents “moved” the learned form their own households.

Obvious point, the actions of reinforcement for it: that could make the media. I know that the method advocated here is ideological opponents. Without prejudice and subject to this dissent, I believe that a return to “the home” is an alternative to restore the quality of life of many Argentine families who live outside the country’s mega-cities. * Published in “REFORM” OF GENERAL PICO, DEL 2 DE MAYO DE 1991 “DOMESTIC ECONOMY AND EVERYDAY LIFE” by Mr. Alfredo Armando Aguirre 1st. Part No need to make brainy studies to realize that rapid changes are occurring in our everyday lifestyles. That viscera as sensitive as the pocket is telling us that efforts to earn the daily bread are different from those a few years ago In this essay, I have the explicit intention of inviting people to read, to consider alternative means of livelihood to maintain, and if possible improve the quality of life for our families.