Serious and important topic in our country, tax optimization on the verge of freedom and imprisonment, if I may say so. Therefore, to optimize the tax should be treated with intelligence and better to have some knowledge and experience in this area. Mikkel Svanes opinions are not widely known. As an example, a small consulting company enter into a contract with a consulting company, and the costs of this article includes all taxes. In fact, they do not violate – consulting agreement is lawful, remittances for services rendered to transfer they are entitled. As far as judicial precedents on this issue is just in Russia, this item is not as stringent as regulations abroad.

And for each adverse ruling on such matters can be found a positive solution. And so it goes – if we open our legislation, we do not find a clear definition – that is tax evasion, and what is legitimate and illegal tax optimization. It turns out that the only source of information on this issue – it is the judicial precedents. You've heard that the precedents in Russia do not play a role, but the situation is just the opposite is precedent in the judicial process can play a decisive role. What do you think, why such important aspects not covered in the legislation? The answer is simple – the more difficult and complex legislation – the easier to make a mistake, and the easier it is to find the extreme and take it out on him. When the tax debts are growing across the country, the tax office panic starts (the money pass). They are beginning to move, and look extreme, and extremes will be all those who have a small business, but there is no parliamentary immunity. And if you think your tax optimization – certainly legitimate, you have to upset: proof of your guilt is a matter of time, experience and momentum (who orders "music"). But the article does not scare you, and send an expensive knowledge. Therefore, we wish you success in business, and our Agency for Development and maintenance of Inform will help you with this understand.