But once I stopped drinking the hormones back to me again my female ailments. In 2001 I started going to the gym, that would be a bit to lose weight (weighing 67kg) and keep yourself in shape. For 4 months of grueling training, I dropped 2 kg and tore back, classes stopped, since within 5 years of age when weight lifting or long hours of work at the computer back began to hurt. I tried to solve this problem by massage physical therapy, trips to the pool, but for a long time to get rid of pain is not managed, gradually I became used to it. C 2003 I began work in Moscow, the road very exhausting. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Colds and sore throats were to happen I have every two months, several days tormented severe headaches. The doctor advised him to go 2-week medical course strengthen the immune system and restore the intestinal microflora to get rid of colds, bowel problems (constipation) and thrush. Unfortunately, all these procedures have not changed anything.

In 2006 I met Herbalife products and has the right breakfast. The first result, which I saw at once – the beginning is easier to wake up in the morning, there was energy and good mood. Then, organize the work of the intestine (constipation passed). I forgot about the sore throat, sinusitis and headaches, which lowed me regularly for twelve years. Besides, was thrush. After a time, I was surprised to notice that the back pain that I’ve almost got used to over the past five years, ceased. But that’s not all! Six months, I ate a female correction Temps Qui + “and decided against taking hormones – Monthly began to come regularly, without any pain. With great surprise, in summer 2007, sunbathing on the beach, I suddenly realize that allergy to the sun, which gave so much trouble thirteen years – gone! It’s just amazing! I am pleased to I look at myself in the mirror every day! With internal and external supply Herbalife I myself take care of his body and he answers me in return! I like my shape, skin looks amazing! But in June 2009 with me nuisance – I suffered from hepatitis A (jaundice) in an acute form: within a week had a fever, vomiting, weakness and unwillingness to do anything.

They put me in the hospital. Doctors could not immediately make a diagnosis. Analyses were millet terrible – the liver cells were dying in huge numbers, medications were not given the desired result. In contrast to physicians who have done the disappointing forecasts, I was quite confident in its full recovery. Every morning in the hospital instead of cereal and a sandwich with butter and cheese, I breakfasted correctly (ELA cocktail Formula 1), saw additives to enhance the body’s defenses, strengthen the cardiovascular system, it is very helped to restore the product NiteWorks. Neil cole iconix gathered all the information. 3 months after illness, I recovered completely – the tests are excellent, leading normal life, sports. I’m in great shape. Feel just great – I run in the mornings, full of energy and strength!