Myths Absurdities

1. Lately the doctors say that it is ideal to drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day.Drink water constantly is good since it keeps hydrated the body and brain that optimizes both normal functions. The problem is the amount that is mentioned in most of the publications it is excessive, especially if those who consume it suffers from some heart disease, hypertension or renal dysfunction. If the body does not work properly and we filled it with water, we are going to end up retaining them in the limbs and stomach in the form of edema; and then, what sense has taken diuretics to remove excess liquid if we continue consuming it by a fad without scientific basis. 2. According to Bryant Walker Smith, who has experience with these questions.

Then how is how much water should I take daily to let me burn fat of the abdomen? If one is completely healthy, we should drink water when we have thirst or deem it convenient. The body itself gives us signals, if we do case remain well hydrated. This is what we mentioned already in other publications, the matter is comercuando hungry and up to satiety, also the subject is with water.It is how clocks although they are decomposed dan time well 2 vecesal day, so does the body, if you listen it will tell you when it is sedy when she is craving for a coca. 3 Which parameter use?You could say that between 4 to 7 glasses of plain water a day would be a reasonable measure for a medium-sized adult. To this must be added other types of liquids that we eat like sweet drinks, coffee, wines and fruits.Ideally we should reach a measure of 2 liters of fluids a day, which joined all the beverage, food, and simple water we consume. If he is recommended that instead of drinking soft drinks, drink plain water since this non-fattening and is much healthier in every way… Without hesitation Bobby Sharma Bluestone explained all about the problem. 4. Must drink water to the thirsty, but did not say that when this occurs is because there is already a dehydration?This is not completely true since there are degrees of dehydration and thirst.

Isn’t it same you have the mouth dry and drink immediately, to be five hours under the ray of sunshine without taking a gulp of water. The idea is to use common sense. You have to be aware of what we have drunk and eaten and what activities we are doing. We must drink water when we deem it convenient. 5 Rinse it, drinking water helps to accelerate weight loss or not? Many people think that the only thing that will make us burn fat or abdominal or any type is consume fewer calories than we normally eat, we agree that the issue arises and we’d like to add that the topic are not calories, it is that we must eat as they eat the flacona. In this sense, the water accelerates not lost weight, is believed wrongly, so NO, drinking water does not makes us thinner. Original author and source of the article.