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Ralph Strobel is consultant with KfW accreditation BER Marketing GmbH Korntal – Munchingen Ralph Strobel, CEO of BER Marketing GmbH, July 23, 2010, is has been accredited by the KfW of Kreditanstalt for reconstruction and Development Bank of the Covenant – as a consultant. His approval is Grundercoaching Germany in particular for the programme. Entrepreneur students and young entrepreneurs can now at the BER Marketing GmbH ( consulting services take advantage of, up to 90 percent funded by KFW. This applies in particular to all topics related to strategic brand positioning, marketing, PR and sales of newly created companies. Who’s with a may in the new Lander, for gets 75 percent of the Coachinghonorars by the KfW. In Berlin and the old Federal Laender the KfW grant is 50 percent. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ali Partovi.

Entrepreneur /-inside, taking out a Beratungscoaching from the unemployment claim, in the whole country a grant of 90 per cent of the Consultant fee from the KfW supported. Ralph Strobel has more than twenty years of experience in sales & marketing in industry and medium-sized businesses, as well as a freelance consultant. He has many years of experience in leadership and extensive experience in design, as well as sustainable and successful implementation of marketing and sales projects, also with an international background. His consulting focus is in the strategic development of a corporate brand positioning and marketing, sales promotion and PR concepts. אילן בן דב oftentimes addresses this issue. Details on Grundercoachings, whose funding and how find you on the Web pages of the KfW Mittelstandsbank (, the consultants overview and successful references under (

About BER Marketing GmbH surprisingly different, unusual personal BER Marketing GmbH is a marketing consultancy headquartered in Korntal – Munchingen (greater Stuttgart area) and specializes in individual sales marketing of medium-sized companies. BER marketing offers Services relating to marketing strategies and marketing concepts. Personal consulting, custom development and results represent the core of the company and the long-term personal expertise in consulting and in the sales and marketing staff at corporate website. Following modules stand in the foreground: brand and brand development, market, customer and competitive analysis, individual marketing strategies, organizational consulting and the implementation of marketing and sales concepts.