Macromedia Dreamweaver

Now the Internet has many opportunities to build your website. If you need a personal page, then make it not so difficult … Just a few steps. 1) Planning. The first and very important stage of development of the site – a detailed planning.

All errors and flaws of a lot easier to fix when the creation of a site still in its infancy, that is – on paper. Agree, much easier to wipe the whole thing using an eraser, then half a day than mess around with already the current page. The overwhelming number of people believe that on paper should apply only the basic elements of site structure. I assure you that the clearer and more detailed you describe your site, the easier you will be in next! The second phase – development of a clear hierarchy of the site. Somewhere in my address book mark – where and what files are placed to be.

For example, images in the folder img, a third-party page – another, and so on … And actually, before You is a clear site structure, branching system directory showing the hierarchy of files on your site … 2) The program's interface and basic attributes. Well, when this whole thing is ready, it's time to begin creating your first page. Editor, which will vargan page, we call – Macromedia Dreamweaver. You can get it anywhere, and simple – go to the store and buy a CD with the program since the program weighs a bit much 50 mb. Immediately on the note to you: recommend eighth version, because it is based on Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0. Start the editor, there is an inscription on Slap Create New => HTML. Well, before you is the same program in which we will create your first page. Occupies most of the Working Area (visually, it will prepare your masterpiece), is located above the dashboard, and bottom – the properties panel.