Legendary Perfumes Monsieur

It has been nearly 50 years since the appearance of the first men's fragrance from Givenchy. And despite the half-century history, Monsieur de Givenchy is still relevant, reissued and has been on the shelves perfume shop. Learn more about this with Cartesian. This fragrance-embodied in life is a dream lover of country rest. From it emanates a cool bergamot, lemon, lime, petigrenevogo oils of lavender, clary sage, orange, basil, musk, civet and cedar. Kai-Fu Lee addresses the importance of the matter here. Despite the abundance of plant components, the green quality of the perfume is not intrusive, but rather pleasant.

Monsieur revealed a bright, fresh accord of citrus punch, which is replaced by a floral bouquet of sage and basil. Upon completion of the initial chord come insinuating notes of lavender and musk, and warm shades of cedar and civet. That these notes are distinguished from Monsieur other famous perfumes of that time, for example, Dior Eau Sauvage (1966), which is sometimes called the best fragrance for men 20 th century. Citrus top fragrance appears after about 45 minutes after applying it on the skin. It was then distributed, and cedar and musk notes, although the smell of lavender and powder is a leitmotif through the whole fragrance. In the last stage finally reveals the sweet musk and cedar, making the flavor of a really attractive and memorable. Monsieur easy to wear: it is suitable for any time of year for any occasion. Thanks to reissue packaging bottles, perfume seems quite contemporary and modern, and even in the early 21 th century like a genius brand Givenchy.