Laptop Troubles

The laptop will not turn on and not to make everything when you press the power button Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) Check the label to determine the source of supply if the voltage and current specifications in accordance with the needs of notebook (laptop under the label also have this information) if you do not provide a source of compatible B) Remove the battery and test again, faulty batteries cause this symptom C) Make sure the connector is the input voltage VCC laptop properly, it is usually Break in the country and the cause of this symptom, in this case, the laptop will be dismantled laboratory maintenance and motherboard should be restored to the exchange for the connector D) defects in RAM, CPU, HD, and other peripherals can be called a symptom, test them on another laptop or delete them one by one, and then testing to see if the device has several short, what could be causing this symptom (Note: Before removing peripherals one by one dsligue laptop) E) This problem can be caused by general failures in the notebook motherboard CPU, it can not be deduced from the IC BGA Solder Video Controller Cold motherboard laptop, in which case the Board shall be compensated in the laboratory specializes in the maintenance of the preparation of infrared, hot air or other specific processing BGA Solder 5. Laptop not charging battery Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) the battery may be damaged and should be repaired or replaced, B) Defects in the charging board processor can be damaged, the plate must be disassembled and repaired in the laboratory service 6. For even more analysis, hear from Robotics expert . . . Mikkel Svane has much to offer in this field.