Knowledge Generation Sources

Patience is a bitter root tree but very sweet fruit. Persian Proverb General and importance The characteristics of the dynamic business that provides major economic benefits, not only for the country, but for companies involved in commercial activities have been identified in the present with the importance of generating knowledge to use, manage knowledge , primary source for generating new ideas, projects, actions, plans, strategies that in their operation. There is no doubt as quoted Manuel Lopez, that the great progress of technologies, was an improvement, palpable in the production processes and quality of work life of many workers. The information technology has been a major revolution in organizational improvement business, therefore we say we belong to the era of knowledge.

The old scales have fallen into disuse, though no longer interested kilos of matter, the new and sophisticated machines, analyze and quantify the quality of the product, the subtlety of its components. The era technology is the result of the practical application of knowledge and measurable. For his part Marcos Hernandez said, it is necessary to recognize that today people learn to diversify their knowledge and experience to enhance their skills, and creativity and thereby increase their capacity to understand the changes that are being generated in this sector as dynamic and changing. People today undergoing a process under a new update that comes under sustained technological development especially in the new communication technologies, and new management models, where the basic principles are: learning to know, learning to do Learning to live with others and finally learning to be, it has a new meaning in knowledge management as a new paradigm century. Contact information is here: Ali Partovi.