King Sugar

The members of the band claim that the era of King Sugar (1995) was “Spring of the band.” family of funds Recorded in California studies and with the help of Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz (Talking Heads) in the production, King gives us some sugar Cadillacs more forceful and precise in terms of political identification is concerned. His sound reflects his earlier work, especially the Latin rhythms and explored in The Lion, mixed with ska and fund management reggae.
Poor bug was the first single from this album. This song sounds like a great shout of repudiation of the cause investors of many atrocities that were committed in several investment portfolio Latin American countries during the 70s, especially in Argentina. Although we agree with Matador, the song was a respectable success. The video clip of the song was banned hedge funds in several countries.
Strawberry Fields Forever, a classic cover of The Beatles in the rock steady rhythm with star guest vocalist Deborah “Debbie” Harry investment of the band Blondie.
The Open Veins of Latin America, strong song that bears the name of a book by Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano. A rare combination of punk-ska-hardcore pushed to the limit.
After Rey Azucar and with a burgeoning reputation in the United States, 1996 saw the recording a cover of Charlie Do not Surf, The Clash, for a tribute album to the band, and also releasing a single hand-engraved with a band American ska called Fishbone, the single was What’s new pussycat ‘famous song of Tom Jones wales.
The rest of the year, gave Fabulosos recitals throughout his country and Latin America, and why not, in tours of the old continent! (something not very common in bands from Argentina). Which came to share the stage with the kings of punk: The Sex Pistols, and with renowned bands like Cypress Hill, or Red Hot Chilli Peppers, in a festival called “Saint Gallen in the open” where the event closed Fabulosos Cadillacs , said Gabriel Vicentico Fernandez because they had not closed the event by which were less popular than others.
It is important to clarify that in the middle of’96, again without changes in the band: guitarist and founder Anibal “Pod” Rigozzi leave Ribostky the band and took command as a producer of it. In its place comes the guitarist Ariel Ariel Minimal Sanzo, which influence the sound of the next disc.

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