Hello friends, today I missed something, these everyday and mundane facts but worth worth sharing with you, because in the end it is a reflection on life. I was in the kitchen, strange thing for me, when the inevitable happened, I burnt, always I enter this area prohibited and strange, feel the same. Cutting me or by me, burning me somehow accidento with the oven door, with either oil boiling pan, by not taking it to handle and so the list continues with cuts and burns. Today I burned with hot water when I tried priming me first mate, he left a Jet soared as rocket and it just was to fall upon my hand that held the matte, something I mandinga – I would say don odorless, scientists would explain me that the pressure exerted by the water in the thermos does that when the same etc, etc, etc, is open at that time if it was a Mande or the water pressure I was not interestedI said a curse, not to say that you snap a tremendous puteada. And there began, what could call the various tests and error of the method about curing Burns, first I tried latest fashion on the Internet, because I came seven mail on it, put your hand in flour, there was my hand long, until he tired of the pain that it did not cease, I put your hand underneath the bobbin.I do not know if this method of flour is true or someone did a joke so stupid as I put the hand into flour, or perhaps didn’t do it the right way, the point is that the first attempt didn’t work. The second was to leave the hand under the tap water, as it is known that removes heat momentarily, but it does not cure the burn, so pulled out me the fire for the third attempt, was bring me gel with aloe vera to soothe sunburn, so before the smile of my son, my hand was transforming into a kind of Monster, white went to paste, paste to a green paste in the best style of mucus of extraterrestrial or horror film.

You then remains still in green and white in different areas of my hand, I tried a spray for Burns, who gave me my mother-in-law for the boys. In conclusion, after several attempts of trial and error I am writing this entry with terrible effort for the pain that I have in my hand, i.e. friends none of the methods worked for this sick, only I need to try one, put me a leaf of aloe, the problem is that unlike the peoples, in the city it is difficult to find someone who cultivates this medicinal plant. This story so little conventional, deals demonstrate that in any life situation we use the trial and error, in our work to improve it, in the family, with our children relationships, trying to educate them in the best possible way, risking us, because that risk test, life is about more than fall into error, keep trying, because our greatest weakness is that I tend to abandon. The safest way of achieving the goals always is to try one more time. Thomas Edison.