Internet Search

Internet today is the tool that most used for search and information retrieval in all areas, on all subjects, from anywhere in the world and quickly. It is practically unlikely that any information or data not find on the Internet, although I do not think that any search engine has the updated record of all pages that are in the network, it is therefore convenient to visit more than one search engine when you need to perform a thorough and very specific search. A search engine is engine or computer search system that stores files. It is basically a web site with a powerful database (existing sites) that allows you to perform specific searches on the contents of these sites published on the Internet, and gives a result for that search based on user input in the search terms. Advisable is that when a new site, a new page is created and then uploaded to the network, the same, be given high in search engines. Information search is a process simple where the user enters a query by placing a particular word or phrase; the search function is to check on their lists of pages indexed and discover in how many pages they, it is the subject of the inquiry or are related to it, and display immediately all matches or combinations that have found on the subject. The contents of the websites are indexed by search engines, but not by people (this difference of directories) but using programs (software) called Robot or Spiders (spiders) of search, that are those who run sites reading your content and extracting links included in this. Each search engine has its way of presenting the information, but the effectiveness of these is given, basically, in the amount of data and the technique used to organize the best way that information and display it before requested search.

Currently there are hundreds of search engines, here a short list of the most well-known Google Yahoo MSN Altavista Ask Nescape Hispavis ta silverware Ozu Elcano Exite astrolabe Buscopio channel 21 Halleckarrakis apali La compass Eureka Mibi Ugabula Todoweb Telepolis Fast the METASEARCH the so-called metasearch engines, which also are known with the name of search engine of search engines, are ultimately a search engine that does not have its own database, so it requires or uses the databases of other search engines. When it is required a search it dispatches a request to several search engines at the same time and emits the response with data or addresses obtained from all of them by presenting a very orderly information and much more complete to the user. They have a substantial advantage because they widen the search field and give us greater amount of results. You can find meta search of videos, lyrics of music, movies, educational, scientific, real estate, at the end of all songs. As I always say, it’s about login and see what it is. Here is a brief list of some of them: Netpandora Xaarky Crossengine Kartoo Turbo10.

Web crawler Dogpile Clusty. Metacrawler Inter-net Buscatube Sucharchiv Ixquick Biwe a brief comment Finish. If you want to see something new and interesting I recommend you visit kartoo, you will find a new proposal to search for on the internet. It is very original because it shows you the results in a visual way, a sort of interactive maps.