Google Advertising

But if it’s done advertising in a category that is not very competitive, the cost of the click tends to decrease. Let’s say that campaigns of 5 cents or 10 cents for each visit, depending on the adjusted are the key words can be achieved. For example, if we put flowers in Mexico and people are doing searches for flowers to Mexico or flowers in X city of Mexico, the system we will say: with these keywords to 10 cents can send 30 or 40 visits a day. Your daily advertising budget would be approximately one dollar, two dollars, or three dollars. We have the control, if we want to spend a dollar, two dollars or 100 dollars a day, simply set the campaign so more clicks that we are willing to pay daily are not sent. We can also leave the active campaign indefinitely and if we decide that you are not giving results or wish to make a pause, we simply enter the account and schedule it so that it is at rest.

Another aspect well interesting Google, specifically of this advertising system, is that the people who is going to visit us goes with the mindset biased for the purchase. Why? because if someone is doing a search in our category, i.e., looking to buy flowers to Mexico, and dan click on advertising, it is a client that is not coming out of curiosity to our web site, but that goes with a mentality of purchase. Looking for a solution, a company that currently fill the need to make a purchase of flowers so it is not a casual visitor. This Google AdWords system is very complete, delivery very sophisticated statistical tools of registration: how many people visit by keyword, how much is visiting on the other hand, how much is being paid for each word; calculates the return on investment automatically; in other words, we know if a purchase was made from Google, (obviously if it is integrated with the payment processor). It is very interesting, and is also a platform very friendly. Easy to set up, it has no complicated terms and has a full user manual. Even technology is so complete and so well designed, that if one person makes several clicks on an advertisement during the same session, they will only charge for one. Original author and source of the article