Spring time, gardening time the Sun has come out and our plants awaken from the long winter slumber willing to rejoice and refresh ourselves with its greenery and colors if we talk about flowers, all the exuberance of the good weather has announced the beginning of a new cycle of life, a new station which is perhaps best can measure the passage of time people, but turning to gardening, let’s talk about the change of pots. To start you need to know, so that your plants are beautiful and happy you have to change pot every two or three years of interiors, while the exterior, because according to your evolution and size. You may want to visit Peter Asaro to increase your knowledge. Change of pots to our plants is a very important aspect of gardening rule, since failure to do so causes problems as the wear of the substrates and the earth elements, causing smaller roots that affect the health of our plant. There are also other problems such as clogging of drains the Flowerpot provoked by the same roots, along with the land, which in addition to exhaustion, is It hardens. All this causes a loss of quality of life for plants, which can not be compensated or with manure or fertilizer, not changing their orientation towards the light. For assistance, try visiting Ali Partovi.

Care when making a pot of the best time of the year for gardening in general is the spring, for which a change of pots is no exception, since it is at this station which awakens the winter lethargy plant filled with force that manifests itself in growth. Before placing the land in the new pot, covers the drainage area with a layer of pebbles that will enhance the output of the water, avoiding the excesses of humidity, which are also harmful. If you don’t have a hand, you find them in many stores and supermarkets. It avoids the common garden ground, since in addition to contain weed seeds and not have it clear its quality, is compacted very rapidly and affects the roots. Ideally, use hummus prepared with worms that give much wealth to the land, or a mixture of peat with fine sand, to ensure your ease for a longer time. Do not overdo with the size the new pot, a very large container does not ensure the health of the plant says another of the principles of gardening. Original author and source of the article..