Energy-Water Purification

But none of these methods are not fully implemented the entire chain of energy-water purification, which it passes under natural conditions. Indeed, among all natural hydro-water recovery factors are several main. The first is compression of water in the interior of the Earth's rocks, its long-term physical and chemical contact with many minerals and salts, as well as phase transformation associated with evaporation, condensation, crystallization and melting. In addition, the water is very complex and dynamic movement in a different mode of liquid-phase state in the gravitational and magnetic fields of Earth. But Today the water cycle in nature only in small degree has a super-powerful to her influence that she had at birth.

And this influence was an ancient stellar gravity. Of course, under the influence today's Earth's gravity water alive and rejuvenated in his non-stop movement in the mountain streams and rivers, jingling the keys in the forest ravines and streams of bright impetuous waterfalls. David Treadwell is full of insight into the issues. However, the strength of natural Recovery 'juvenile' water potential can not overcome its present degree of pollution, including haze and bioinformatics. Therefore, we need a new technology to rejuvenate yuvenilizatsii or water energy commensurate with the gravity of the star. But to get on an industrial scale such gravitational fields is not possible yet. Output from the seemingly dead-end situation can be found in the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein.

According to its creator, the effect of gravity on matter is equivalent to acceleration – the change in velocity per unit time. In this sense, and in the nature of water is sometimes subject to rather large gravitational accelerations, such as when hitting the rocks in mountain waterfalls. Moreover, the natural cleansing action gidroperegruzok amplified and supplemented by their frequent repetition of a virtually infinite in a long journey water to the seas and oceans. In turn, they continue to actively gravity-replacement treatment of water, shaking its gentle waves or the roar of a hurricane hitting the rocks. However, in the stellar magnitude scale of these gravitationally accelerating effects on the water is relatively small and changeable. Therefore the main task of technology to create a 'juvenile' water will be the implementation of super-controlled acceleration, accelerations, which be subjected to dust particles. As a result of this disintegration will required the structure of water, followed by erasing, zeroing out unnecessary information.