Economy of England

This morning shortly before the half past eight pm local time, was successfully launched an experiment in Sunrise stratospheric balloon from Esrange Space Center near the town of Kiruna (Sweden). Reached within four days to the American continent, where its scientific instruments will be recovered by NASA in an unspecified location in Canada or Alaska. The purpose of Sunrise is the continuing study of the solar magnetic field, taking advantage of this time of year is the Sunrise balloon is inflated with helium at Esrange Space Center before launch. United Kingdom is one of the major industrial and commercial world. In terms of gross domestic product (GDP) is the fifth in the world after United States, Japan, Germany and China. In 2006, the United Kingdom’s GDP was 2.37 trillion dollars, equivalent to 41,777 dollars per capita. After the Second World War and the gradual loss of the colonies, the country return to the course as a powerful economy to maintain a dual alliance that lasts to this day not lost his eye on economic Europe, but at the same time strengthened its trade relations with United States . As in all highly developed countries, the main factors against the economy of the United Kingdom represent the high wages and strong presence in the sectors of manufacturing and heavy industry in emerging countries, especially China (Taiwan), India and South Korea. Agriculture accounts for only 1 of GDP and is heavily mechanized. In industry, the main activities are machinery, transport equipment (vehicles, railways and aerospace) and chemicals. In traditional mining coal in the form of coal in Yorkshire, Wales, Scotland and Lancashire have been supplied to the British thermal energy necessary for economic development. With oil discovered in 1970 in the North Sea is the second largest producer in Europe after Norway. The services sector contributes the most to the GDP of the country, among them the stock exchange and banking financial services and insurance companies. Although the country integrated in the EU, the so-called “skepticism” of the traditional British kept outside the euro zone, where the currency of the country Pound. There was a commitment of former Prime Minister Tony Blair to hold a referendum to determine whether the United Kingdom or not is the single currency. So UK show a stable economy and growing, placed within the regions of the world to highlight.
The soil used for any type of farming because it is very efficient and productive. They grow wheat, barley, rye, sugar beet, oilseeds and potatoes. It operates timber trees such as oak, beech, ash, elm, pine and fir. The fishing industry is very important for southern England, Kingston-upon-Hull, Grimsby, Plymouth. Mining such as coal and iron were the key to industrialization. There are minerals like salt. England is rich in energy resources and is an excellent producer of oil and natural gas. Other energy sources are coal and nuclear energy. Develop high-tech industries (pharmaceutical, electronic, aerospace and marine equipment for oil rigs). Fiber optic high quality throughout Europe. Lower your energy costs with for great energy rates. Its currency is the pound sterling. The economy has good activities such as mining, where coal is extracted primarily as well as natural gas and oil in the North Sea.