Digital Cave

Successful Akquisekonzepte after almost forgotten recipe at the 3rd annual cultural and creative industry Ruhr for creative people it is still a difficult process: to bring creativity, profitability and growth under a hat. Particularly troublesome, Hunt and the access to the customers. Ecce and the economic development wanted to offer therefore a support and Platform for the exchange of Ruhr metropolis. So took the Deputy Director of ecce, Bernd Fesel, experts in communication, design and marketing for four different panels on the stage. In the Panel Ralph led to sales questions Rubel, Director of the Agency for moving image and PR communications I DEAR GmbH on a simple formula: customers have clear problems.

“In other words: you want to buy holes in the wall, but no drill.” New digital channels replacing what has proven itself for millennia: understand the position and the language of the person. Recognize added value, deliver value. There are the direct contacts that count.” So discussed representatives from industry and research under the topic of creative economy as innovation driver”at the 3rd annual cultural and creative industries in the Dortmunder U on the 20.10.2011. agencies including Dentsu Dusseldorf, the online marketplace DWanda, but also universities, such as the HU Berlin and TU Dortmund sent experts to the Ruhr town. For the first time, the meeting of ecce and the economic development was aligned Ruhr metropolis together and thus an emphasis on operational and economic aspects.

Organizers and participants of the events were generally very satisfied with the results and Outlook, which shows the culture and creative industries. The first featured trend barometer trend and cultural industries”by Prof. Dr. Julia Frohne, ISM Dortmund, showed as much positive growth prospects and a strong bond of the creative industries with their region. The ideas are the economic expertise and the technical requirements, also combined with the communicative principles out of the cave they can also to the customer be brought.