Call Of Duty World At War

Return to the Second World War. But this time, we will face the scene of battles in the Pacific. – We lead the U.S. and the Soviet side to face the Japanese. Mashable may find this interesting as well. – The game will be much more violent and bloodier than ever.

– We will meet Japanese katanas to which we shall face. – Finally, will co-op. Gameplay: – Finally, Flamethrower. Have an effect similar to that seen in Far Cry 2, will spread the flames. – We shoot from our coverage.

We can destroy walls based bullets to pass through them. – For the first time in a game Call of Duty: we swim in the story mode and multiplayer). – There will be scenarios dedicated to bring a vehicle. The highlight will be in which will bring the PBY Catalina. On the development: – Use the engine Call of Duty 4 improved (especially physics). The scenarios will be more destructible. It is possible to burn objects or destroying parts. Bodies and objects float in water. – This time the platform for which this developing the game’s Xbox 360. Other different teams will be responsible for porting the game to other systems. – They have two years developing the game (CoD3 was 11 months) – 96 channels of audio. Many of them are sounds of the jungle. Will have a “Real-Time Occlusion” which means that the sound volume level will be different depending on the distance and location in which it occurs. Impressive lighting effects. Cooperative: – Up to 4 players online and 2 cooperative split screen in story mode. – The cooperative play is the same single player game. – Includes a scoring system where you level up constantly and serves to unlock upgrades for the cooperative or transfer that score to unlock Multiplayer mode for online improvements. – There is a scene where a player has to draw the attention of a tank while the other goes up and throws his grenades into the hatch. Multiplayer: – 16 players online at once. – We carry vehicles. According to the Multiplayer mode can take one type of vehicle or other shall not be required to wear them. – System level up COD4. Bring new and improved more in tune with the times. We will not have laser sights or similar. – There may be a team leader and this give orders to his soldiers (indicated by HUD, to say where they are needed).