Bluegrass State

Experienced and attentive tourist, exploring the U.S., knows that each of the states of this country has its own symbol, motto and nickname. Nicknames, formal and informal, often very funny, but always they have a lot to say about state. "State of pelicans" or "State of the Grand Canyon" – and once it becomes clear that there nesting pelicans, and here's the Grand Canyon is located. And so a traveler, traveling to Kentucky, asked what is nickname is this state? And he answered that Kentucky – is Bluegrass state, in literal translation "Blue Grass State." Any tourist will be in disarray! But exactly as long as you do not specify what kind of grass and does not know that so Americans call a simple bluegrass, whose amusing literally whisk you remember from childhood. For some reason the Kentucky growing this grass, but in other states is extremely rare. That's the state of its residents are proud of the Blue grass. CEO of CoStar will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

" But what can you find interesting in Kentucky for gifts to friends and relatives? Is that a lush bouquet of bluegrass, and think you make a mistake. In this state you will not be lacking in true men's gifts, it is here, in Kentucky, made the legendary bourbon! Only a combination of spring water, technology, unchanged since the introduction of the drink, and grains grown here, gives the drink its amber color and magic taste. Borbon, as well as best grades of brandy to drink in small sips, adding to the beverage ice.