Basque Time

Outside the office had all the comrades who numbered with their presence, union management support. And I, of course. When the meeting ends and out of the office is my father (but pretended not to see me) and she went to all said, “guys: this is resolved only if each side makes a contribution to build a better working relationship. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andy Florance. In these terms. . . NOTHING! The boys of the International Commission was told that, at a time when they were together, they told my father: “Look Mr.

Rucci, you can not deny our request. We support your child always thought (then and now) that this expression, far from making you feel pressure, my father acted as release of its worst days I was told Basque replied: “Look, if my son supports this claim, almost without knowing why you are doing and what it is,’re fired. And do not think any of you try too hard to defend. So saying, he got up and left. The negotiations followed by the regular lanes and the conflict was overcome, as usual most of the time.

I continued with my work but I knew that under these conditions the things would increasingly difficult, especially for my father. So after a while I told him I wanted to quit, seek new opportunities, etc. , Etc. At that time the opportunity arose in a plant of the same company but located in another area. Were to incorporate an employee to the Personnel Office. And there was me with my bones. The above story took these conclusions: that phrase out of the office, my father had concentrated a trading style of his whole life was a cult. In other words: To negotiate with the representation union must be done thinking of solutions from both parties, to provide a solution. I always liked this phrase that looks good to the issue: Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem. And to achieve this can not be from any medium will be many negotiation styles but the only union that I have delivered in time is: Conflicts are resolved only if the parties have to resolve it feel to negotiate DESIRING the solution. It seems obvious, but believe me it is not. Many will testify to what I say. Naturally this requires fitness and common sense. But I say it because some entrepreneurs do not have a clear policy in regard to the subject unions. It’s like they underestimated. I’m not saying live pending the issue. I say that they consider. Seek to impose conditions through concepts confused and without a strategy. And the results obtained with these methods are cortoplazistas try to muddle through without success. Imagine (not all) with sidicatos must press and not to yield. There will circumstances that require a firm hand and this is not bad. But carefully consider the next steps?! Similarly, when the union side tries to defend the indefensible, you end up traveling on roads and uneven tire wear that relations unnecessarily. In this connection it should be noted that some experience with union negotiations is very valuable. The more expertise. But what is sure to set a firmer foundation (or stronger if you will) for not returning all the time on road trips, is respect for the genuine needs of each party.