Advertising Slogan

The corporations build a set of images that are transmitted to people from small, to achieve persuade them to believe, trust and, most importantly, consume their products or services. Through business advertising slogans convey values, lifestyles, social relationships, freedoms, among others. And this is what the companies that sell advertising. All this in order to achieve good positioning in the global market (I refer mainly to multinationals). Since these resources through advertising companies give to know the main benefits of the product, convey confidence in customers, efficiency, effectiveness, success and highlights the differences between ‘us’ and ‘others’. That is, they know that we prefer them to them and not the other organizations that offer similar products or services. In that sense, we as communicators must find that precise phrase that encompasses all that an institution wishes to convey and to whom you want to be named to the consuming public. Because the greatest prize of a slogan is repeated so that consumers and believe in the meaning of what they want to convey. Companies always look for effective results in their target audience and there comes into play our creativity, effectiveness and professionalism. Here they give some advertising slogans for us to realize the powerful that has a phrase: Kellogs: ‘We live to nourish’ SIMAN, “Your self-concept ‘TACA:’ Fly TACA states’