Adolfo Bezerra

Those who think that they have absolute domain are only, in its vast majority, fantoches in the hands of invisible, much more intelligent, obsesores than them. Misled by pride in my book the prophecies without mystery, revelation and end of the world chapter, I wrote that nobody really has power in the Earth, but moments of power, by which one day, in this or in another life, provide severe accounts an incorruptible Tribunal. Misuse of their strength in this world, believing that you nothing ever will reach poor powerful, when they do. They are deceived by their own arrogance. Invisible wolves makes them dolls, of whom waged at the earliest opportunity, in this or in another dimension. Only he covets power, without higher intentions, who is unknown to the spiritual origin of himself or herself.

Zarur used to say that, among the many tests of the reincarnated spirit, three are located among the worst: beauty, money and power. The example of the mirror in his renowned work the madness through a new Prism, the renowned physician, orator and Brazilian politician, Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Cavalcanti (1831-1900), recounts a curious fact. During the production of the book, received a letter in which you could read a message awarded the spirit Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) * 5, which made an analysis on the difference of the insanidad caused by a lesion in the brain that arises without that brow mass is reached. Here’s an excerpt from that missive that illustrates well what obsession put in front of you a mirror that has defects in some points, in such a way that does not reflect the complete picture of the objects presented you. It is the case of madness by brain injury.Put, however, between you and a mirror in perfect condition, a body that can tarnish light transmission that part of you facing the mirror, and the reproduction of its images will not be faithful.