Rift World

Telarah in danger – a protective curtain is broken, and have opened rifts in the planet are beginning to penetrate hostile measurements in an effort to seize this wonderful and rich world. Regulos, dragon-god of destruction everywhere distributes its army and cults seduce ordinary citizens to stand on his side. For more information see Bobby Sharma Bluestone. And if that was not enough, telariantsy themselves, divided into two factions at war with each other, considering only their way of struggle against evil in the present correct. In this challenging environment and will receive a new player in the game Rift. From the beginning, you meet the explosions, the hordes of enemies and the general feeling of doom. But do not hurry – it is only the beginning. After passing the prologue, you will be in world more fit for existence, a world with blue sky, green foliage and picturesque villages.

But the first impression is deceptive. After a minute away from the road the sky suddenly change color, earth crack, and from pull air in huge spikes. Strange creatures emerge from the fault, and will wander from the measured surface, waiting for a lone traveler or a group will not attack them, zhalaya close the rift and to drive the creatures. Contact information is here: Color. Perhaps they will succeed. In total there are 6 enemy dimensions: life, death, fire, water, earth and air.

Some of them fight each other, but they are strangers in Telarah. Just emerging from the rift, the creature attacked measurements local inhabitants, even the most innocuous, rasschischaya a territory. If they do not interfere, after a while begin to appear from the rift intrusion. They head to the nearest towns, capture them, kill all NPC and building strong points, becoming stronger. From these strongholds crawl new invasion, and so on until the entire zone will not be captured by them. This is not just a plot point. Cut the camp did not give the players opportunities to take or complete the assignment, including the key. The road is dangerous – you never know which side will be swept away by an invasion and a lone traveler, a speck of dust. Therefore, players have to unite, to resist the invaders and win the camp and destroy strong points and close the rifts. To join the players have all the resources: open public group to which you can join at any time, tool automatic discovery of the dungeon, or on assignments. It is these spontaneous associations in the face of common enemies, the sudden appearance of rifts and intruders, their diversity – and make the game truly dynamic. Add here a flexible system of classes and roles, actively PvP at varfrontah, unobtrusive craft, excellent graphics and the technical implementation, frequent events and updates – and you get a very real modern game, whose popularity confirmed by the growing number of subscribers. At the end of the year is expected to Russian localization of the Rift, which will plunge into the world Telarah and those who are not familiar with English. Some say the Rift – is a clone of WoW and many other games in the new wrapper. But even if this game has absorbed elements from other MMORPG, then she did it very skillfully and gracefully, adding just enough of the dynamics as you like, your character is not bored in this new world.