Chinese Restaurant

Barcelona is famous around the world as a vibrant city, so it is easy to forget that there are many gems hidden among the places of interest. One of them is the Alkimia restaurant. It is in a small and quiet street, and only three blocks from the Sagrada Familia, is a perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring the city. Details can be found by clicking Ali Partovi or emailing the administrator. There are restaurants and eateries. Let me explain. They are cuckoos restaurants for dinner at night in couple, there are modest restaurants where to go menu at noon, are those who already they are prepared to plan group dinner with friends, the trick is to know guess the restaurant depending on the occasion. In the Chinese restaurant Chen Ji must know what you face. If one intends to meet with a local cool where offer you beautiful dishes, better not experiment with this Chinese.

Instead if what you want is to live an authentic Chinese experience, don’t miss it. This site is of those that I’m so used to go that had never fallen into explain it on the blog. In fact I know him for more than two years and is within my usual restaurants, though you may have something to do that I have close to work… I think Chen Ji restaurant tops the list in terms of popularity is concerned, of the Chinese restaurants of the present Chinese District of Barcelona (North Station and surroundings). At noon the most usual is found it full of Chinese eating their already famous bowls of ramen. And in the evening the local occidentaliza with all sorts of people, groups of young people in the room above is a classic already. Alina de Almeida often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

With a local as the old bars of Catalan traditional food of life, Chen Ji offers Chinese dishes. To say the least, it has no spring rolls! And to make matters worse, their prices are more affordable. At noon, you can eat perfectly for about 5-6 euros a la carte. At night, asking for dishes to share and including dessert, you can exit by about 12 euros per head. Attention with the rations that are generous. Abreast with the kind of napkins that put that thing I leave there I enjoyed the variety of food served, especially steak with seasonal vegetables and seeds of mustard (photo above). Other types of food may seem esoteric at the beginning, especially, if like me, do not frequently visit luxurious restaurants. Despite the price a little expensive (84,00 to the dinner menu, 8% VAT included) is worthwhile for the restaurants of excellent quality, great service and relaxing atmosphere in Barcelona. No doubt the experience will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction. If you would like to go to a less formal restaurant, I suggest the restaurant calpep, which is more informal and serves food most common, and is only 13 minutes to the South of Alkimia, by car.