Quality And Productivity In SMEs

Used to be, who knows if we will generally consider has not been easy, that many SMEs Venezuelan identify with the relevance, scope, generated by having a good quality management for productivity to enable them compete, within the scenario where companies have clearly defined the role that has given them a favorable outcome. We have insisted through articles, seminars, lectures on the subject, how significant is this, where companies, especially SMEs, have a good quality culture, which is in favor of having a culture organizational characteristic of modern times and is reflected in organizational behavior, which puts companies in a position where it is fully identified with the advantages that favors have quality products that meet consumer needs. Products that meet all international standards of quality which is an endorsement on the demand for consumers that require them to meet their needs.

The graduate program quality management and productivity of Area Faces graduate of the University of Carabobo, has taken full account of the how the quality, standards, culture, impact on production processes and social responsibility are topics that do not can be neglected in the present and this should have been structured, considering all the knowledge necessary to generate a radical change and commitment to the responsibility of management to generate a new vision and performance of the company on these issues. To this end, it was felt that future productivity and quality specialists must be trained theoretically and practically with all those approaches that will strengthen the quality through strategic planning, organizational behavior, quality management, quality assurance, management production processes, costs, ergonomics, quality audit, service management, statistical control, marketing function, continuous improvement, diagnosis, basic tools to ensure positive results according to the needs of the stage where acts It emphasizes the Program to consider through a SWOT, the national situation regarding quality and productivity and therefore on the basis of defining the profile of the specialist, ensuring that their formation is Consona to national reality.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo, one of the companies most famous of the world of the games announced in E3 2010, the launching of Nintendo 3DS. The company who is famous for its classics, brought a videogame will be an evolution of current Nintendo DS and will bring games in 3D without the necessity of eyeglasses for visualization of the graphs. The rumors of that Nintendo was working in a new version of the DS already were strong, however nobody wise person accurately what to wait. The proposal is that beyond the innovation of the graphs, the old games also can twirl normally in the new game, making with that the consumer has the great mobility in the choice of the games. The portable one will have a superior screen widescreen with 3,5 counts, already the inferior will be sensible to the touch, being able to be off the effect 3D, at any time that to desire itself.

The idea of Nintendo is that beyond twirling games, the user can also attend to films in the format 3D. more, the device will come with three cameras, two will be used for increased reality and one will make capture of images in 3D and other effect. The functioning of the small device is to leave everybody waiting anxious the launching that will only occur in 2011. With connection wi-fi in such a way exists the possibility of exchange of data in the normal way how much sleep, making possible to lower archives of others in such a way 3DS how much of other devices wireless. Surprising to all. in the hour to control the game the handspike will have analogical system exactly to control personages 3D, gives credit that the control can be similar to the one of the PSP.

It has great possibility of the device to possess movements, of a form that it if moves and in agreement pass sensations the course of the game. If in this was enough to everything, is also foreseen accelerometers and a gyroscope as the IPhone. All the characteristics presented so far are bacanas and innovative, however what more flame the attention of the players in a device is always the games that it offers. Nintendo also did not leave to desire and closed partnerships with diverse desenvolvedoras. Good part of them if had unfolded in compliments in a video that was presented in the E3 2010 and some already they are until developing games specifically for it. The Capcom for example already is working in a new heading for the surmounting of Resident Evil, that must be still more errifying with effect 3D. Already the Konami promised a new Metal version To frost, that it would take the Metal name To frost Solid: Snake Eater 3D. Moreover they will have versions of the classics Sonic, Dead or Alive, Star Fox and many others that promise to transform new Nintendo 3DS into a world-wide fever. If you if interested for portable and the all its new features, and are wild to buy one, search the price of Nintendo DS for the Internet well and with certainty you will go to find a good one you offer.