Star Collage

In this lesson we'll learn how to make a beautiful landscape by sticking objects into a single photograph. – In this tutorial, we used the following photos: – And brush the star, which you can download here 1. To start translate our background in black and white image: Image => Adjustments => Black & White 2. Open the photo with a swan and engrave it. Insert into our background and instrument "Blur" the edges to give a realistic effect. 3. Altavista: the source for more info. Duplicate the layer with swan and expand it vertically to make a reflection in the water: Edit => Transform => Flip Vertical. Shift the reflected downward and transformation (the slope, distortion, deformation) adjusting a swan.

Opacity set to 50% 4. The same can be done with other birds. The next step we will draw the moon, surrounded by water. 5. Tool "Ellipse" draw a circle, drenched in white 6. Read more here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

Select the Eraser tool and thus same diameter delete superfluous, to get a month 7. Select the tool "rectangular area" and deepen a month in water 8. Tool for the Ellipse Draw an oval at the base of the month to give a realistic blur nine clear boundary of the oval tool "Blur 10. Duplicate the layer and reflect it vertically: Edit => Transform => Flip Vertical. Omit the layer below to add a month of reflection in the water. 11. Transparency will supply 33% apply filter => Stylize => Wind. Three times to the right and three times to the left. 12. Apply the glow of the moon. Select the layer with the month and go to: Layer => Layer Style => Outer Glow with the following parameters: 13. Since the moon is over. Now let's draw a star. Choosing a brush with the stars. Diameter chosen by taste. Draw a star. Can transform them to deploy, but it should draw on each new layer. 14. And reflection. The same thing we do, but the blending mode in the Layers palette in We will be covering. On this lesson is completed. Thank you for your attention.