Plasterboard Ceilings

To mount a single-level ceiling plasterboard ceiling required profile, crabs (peer connectors), the entry ceiling profile, straight hangers, hardware, tape, putty and drywall. First of all, we need make appropriate measurements of the room to calculate the amount of construction and materials. Often, the room can not have a regular rectangular shape, a rhomboid and trapezius of the curvature of the walls, the collapse of the corners. This error can be expressed by a few inches, but it also should be taken into account. Installation and start-up profile of suspensions is the basis of a single-level metal frame ceiling. Starter profile mounted on dowels or anchors, depending on the density of the base. To compensate for the acoustic oscillations at the start profile and hangers installed damper tape.

Attachment must be durable and reliable. Suspensions of ferro-concrete ceiling better to mount wedge anchors. The length of each profile, you must peremeryat in place, as that of an irregularly shaped room the length of the opposite wall will be different. If the standard lengths starting profile enough, it can connect the connector line. The guide forms a ceiling profile ceiling plane for sheetrock installation, it must be perfectly flat. For fixing of bearing ceiling profiles to choose the smaller side rooms, up to 4 m. If the size of the room than the standard length of the ceiling on both sides of the profile, you need to connect the profiles line connector with fixing screws. By carrying profiles attached crabs, which are attached to transverse sections, forming a cell with dimensions of about 50×50 cm frame project must provide for an additional fastening profile for installation of chandeliers, cornices and other equipment, which mounted on the ceiling.

After installing the ceiling profile and crabs in place to make connections with screws for the fixation stiffness. Frame attached to gypsum board. Sheets of drywall to mounted with screws spaced not over 30, see Installing drywall sheets to provide a gap between them of about 5 mm and the seams should not be passing into the next sheet seams straight lines. Sheets Drywall should have to be offset from the adjacent transverse sides. Finishing putty mixtures is followed by the alignment and grouting abrasive grids. Proper installation gypsum ceiling will ensure their reliability and durability.