Ground Floor

On the left are located the offices of Office of the Director of teachers Toilets, Office of the Registrar, Office of Vicedireccion and Cultural Activities gas Department, Secretary, Board of Teachers, Students Cafeteria, Kitchen, Library, Toilets for students fourth of the cleaning, first-aid room and concierge. This also left a small cellar where you will find a repair shop, a warehouse, the heating boiler and the gas tank. Around the beautiful rear courtyard of the center are located Chapel, with the release of the Coral and Department of Religion household and, at the helm, the Hall adjacent to the facilities on the left and the gym with his office and locker rooms to right. In the right wing are Jefatura Studies, the Guidance Department, the Department of energy costs Greek (also used as a classroom), the first and second classes of services and IT students

The Cleveland Plain Dealer
The U.S. Department of Energy predicted Tuesday that no economic recovery this year – that is, the price of petrol, oil and natural gas remains low. In its monthly energy outlook, the Energy Departments …
The Globe and Mail
The leaders of the gas-starved European nations pressed Ukraine and Russia to immediately restore power supply yesterday and the European Union threatened that they both can be sued for ripping the continent apart from the heating plans. natural gas and green energy are the concerns of which is a leading electricity and gas supplier The Russian president Dmitry electricity Medvedev proposed a summit Saturday in Moscow. is on of the large had taken to supplying thousands of households with their energy, gas and electricity needs Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko at a summit in Moscow, but supported a top …
New York Times
The impasse between Russia and Ukraine over the supply of natural gas, millions of households in Europe without heating fuel for another day on Wednesday.
Silvia Todorova is heating water in a pot so they can swim the eight-month – old son Daniel.

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The electric kitchen has many advantages over the gas stove is cleaner is easier to use wider range of mode …
The story begins on November 9, 1988. While Charles Lee Ray is pursued by Mike Norris, is mortally wounded by a detective. Before his death, Charles took a doll ‘good guys’, and uses a vudu ritual to transfer his evil spirit andalusia doll. Jugueteria is then burned by a lightning that hit the (product of the spell vudu).
The next morning, household Andy Barclay is celebrating his birthday 6 and what he wants is what all kids her age want: A ‘good guys’. Andy has seen in television ads, but his mother, Karen Barclay the dummy can not buy your child for not saving time. one of the top ESCOs in the New York State which is a leading electricity and gas supplier Later, in her work, Maggie Peterson, his girlfriend, he said that a street vendor selling to the ‘good guys’. But unfortunately for Karen, the ‘good guys’ gas who are about to buy is very muneco which got the soul of Charles Lee Ray.
Charles Lee Ray (who says Andy called Chucky) later revealed to Andy his biggest secret: that is called Charles Lee Ray. That’s when the killings began. The first murder is done Chucky that evening when struck in the forehead with a hammer Andy Maggie (Karen’s friend) who was taking care of Andy, Maggie is back and fell through the window of the kitchen on a truck . Karen arrives at her house only to find that his friend had died and that Detective Mike Norris (the same that kills Charles) suspected that Andy is the murderer. The next day, Chucky gives instructions to Andy he takes it home Caputo Eddie (it betrays the principle when he leaves). Andy when it sits on a chair to go to the bathroom, Chucky decided to walk to Eddie’s house and open the gas tap. Eddie fire in the kitchen to believe that there is someone at home and operates in conjunction with this.
Nobody believes that Andy Chucky, his new doll is alive. Karen said that if he does not say what the truth of the separation, which responds by beating Andy Chucky and saying that he always lies. Even tells his mother told him that if Chucky said something about kill you. Andy was taken to a psychiatric hospital and Karen energy costs is going home alone with Chucky. After a while, Karen decides to throw the box in the coming doll, but leave the lift batteries. She checks the box, then sees a red letters that say: BATTERIES INCLUDED. Approaching cautiously takes Chucky in his hands and check the battery compartment, this is empty and this turned his head, which terrifies Karen, who released, Chucky dropped below yendose armchair. Karen him out in a burst of fury, lights the fire and threatens to throw Chucky fire. So, Chucky comes alive in the hands of Karen, the strikes and bites, she throws him across the sofa, then comes the dummy run of the house.
Later, Karen goes to see Mike detective to say that Chucky is alive, even this shows you bite him, but because of their indifference, she decided to go to where to buy doll. The detective follows her and saved from being raped by the peddler. This tells them that the doll that she sold a bag of jugueteria of Wabash Street (the street where he died Charles Lee Ray). That same night, Mike Norris is nearly killed by Chucky, who is injured by the detective in thearm by a bullet. is one of the top electricity and gas ESCOs energy The next day, Karen goes to the home of Charles, where things are very rare. Mike found this place and said that he must find a guy called John before Chucky.
Meanwhile, Chucky has met with John, his instructor that witchcraft reportedly to escape the body of wrist, must transfer his soul to the first person to reveal his real name: Andy. Chucky John mortally wounded after a doll brujeria. Karen and Mike arrive at the home of John, and Chucky and John was just saying to them is that while Chucky is a doll, and electricity her heart is human, just so they can kill.
Meanwhile, Andy discovers that Chucky was found, then deceives the doll, which has left the keys on the ground to leave their room and fled the hospital. Previously, Dr. Chucky kills Admore, who was in charge of taking care of Andy in the hospital. Mike and Karen come to the hospital and learn that Andy has fled. Karen tells Mike that Andy knows the way home, so they are quick to arrive. Meanwhile, Andy is in your house to escape Chucky, who had come to this. After a faint Andy batazo in the head, Chucky begins to say the spell that transported the body of Andy. But arriving at this time Mike and Karen and Andy save, but Chucky wounded in the leg Mike. After this is beaten with a baseball bat by Chucky, Karen shoots him in the leg to the doll, but not knowing how to use the weapon, Chucky attacked, she launches the fireplace and holds the screen, then opens Key gas and Andy (who is recovering from her fainting) lit a match and the launch of the fireplace. Home. Sub-Zero. Wolf. Photo gallery. Customer service. Salon exhibition. Request a brochure. France Italy Spain United Kingdom Other countries …
“How to act in case of a gas leak in the kitchen” … opens the window and tries to expel gas from the kitchen outwards. …
Tips for saving at home: Best cooking gas … The cooking gas is much cheaper in the long run the electric stove, and …