For perspective, commenting

For perspective, commenting that before him, had introduced Japan Karate, from Okinawa and that teachers pioneers had very different views on the fight. Some believed in full contact and the search for efficiency, and Choki Motobu. Others were opposed to free sparring by considering it as “highly dangerous” and studied how best to practice. In one form or another form of combat imposed the “no contact”, inspired by the Kendo and teachers who believed in fighting with contact were removed from the mainstream in karate at the time. On this point, I recommend reading the articles Kenji Tokitsu very biendocumentados and high quality. The young Oyama, after you pass the practice Shotokan Goju Ryu (style that I find very interesting and unfortunately I have not had a chance to practice), where his instructor recommended him to the mountain retreat to hone his technique and his spirit (this is where some people understand “spirit” as they think and then talk about the “spirituality of martial arts …). According to the official biography, Oyama made the withdrawal and remained one year and a half, instead of the 3 originally planned, but other sources state that went up the mountain in company with two other practitioners of Korean origin, like him, but that these remained in the mountains of 3 full years, after which period they founded two separate styles of Karate. Will talk about this in due course. l down the mountain, Oyama feels transformed (as expected) and open the legendary “Oyama Dojo”.Their method still has no name and is a compendium of everything you’ve learned. That yes, they begin to lay the groundwork for what would later be “house brand” in the style of Karate that boasts KO: work hard and intense, both technically and physically and use training methods proven effective, as the heavy bag, working with fitness equipment, etc.. And what about the other teachers and styles established “classics” Some questioned the validity of the 8th Dan Master Oyama and receiving a visitor has to show whether the degree was actually earned. True or not, the case is establishing a “nonaggression pact” and every man for himself. After the continue .. .

The voice of the athlete

For a week or so you could fix that you will have the links with material that helps me to enjoy this sport with the best and latest high-tech material, Secret Sails (http://www. /) and bubble boards ( is another link, the Amate Sport ( The reason for this is none other than a mutual collaboration based on a declaration of intent attractive and interesting. Sport fan born as a digital magazine created by and aimed at sportsmen amateurs, ie most of us.

George Mikan George

George Mikan George Lawrence Mikan, Jr. (Joliet, Illinois, June 18, 1924 – Scottsdale, Arizona, June 1, 2005) was an American basketball player who excelled in the ’50s playing for 7 seasons in the NBA , all in the ranks of the Minneapolis Lakers and one more in the NBL, the Chicago American Gears. Playing always with thick round glasses, this player of 2.08 meters high and 111 kilos is considered the first superstar of American professional league, redefining the game of so-called big men with his ambidextrous hook launching a product of their own training technique. He was nicknamed “Mr. Basketball”. Mikan had a successful playing career, winning seven NBA championships, the BAA and the NBA, an NBA All-Star Game, three scoring titles and played in the championship four times All-Star Game and was voted 6 times in the NBA League.He was so dominant that caused the change of several rules, including the expansion of the “personal zone” (known as the “Mikan Rule”) and the introduction of 24-second clock. Following his career, Mikan became one of the founders of the American Basketball Association (ABA), to be commissioner of this league, and was also vital to the birth of the franchise of the Minnesota Timberwolves. In his later years, was involved in a court battle against the NBA fighting for pensions for retired players when the league was not as lucrative as today. He died after a long battle against diabetes. For his feats, Mikan was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1959, was part of teams of 25 and 35 anniversary of the NBA and the 50 best players of history the NBA elected in 1996. Since April 2001, a statue of him throwing his hook traditional chairs the lobby of Target Center in Minnesota.

The Lissitsky

The Lissitsky (1890 – 1941) is one of the representatives dle pirncipales pioneering abstract art and constructivism in their country. He was a painter, architect, typographer, photographer and graphic designer. Educated within a Jewish family, from his earliest youth he was attracted by the drawing. Malevich in 1919 coincided with, coming into contact with constructivism. That same year he painted a series of abstract works that collected under the name “Prouno” (Russian acronym ‘for the new art). These paintings introduce three-dimensional illusions through the use of architectural forms with some effect, since persugue a synthesis of the concepts of architecture with painting.They have evolved from simple paintings and lithographs to full facilities in three dimensions, and these are the basis of subsequent experiments enarquitectura and exhibition design, with changing axes and multiple perspectives. The bear tried Lissitsky Suprematism beyond. A year later he composed “A Tale of Two Squares”, a symbolic text Demestre propaganda ability of the new art. In 1922 he moved to Western Europe to spread the ideals of the avant-garde, knowing components of the De Stijl became an influential figure in abstract art. That same year he founded the constructivist group.Among his most representative works can be named “Showcase abstract” and “Showcase Proun” As an architect include his “Tribune Lenin and his project” Rascanubes “a sort of horizontal skyscraper which never got built. In recent years of his life he felt the need to collaborate with society so committed to the Soviet Union to devote his artistic potential of this state propaganda. She put aside painting to devote himself to experiment with photography, film , graphic design and anything that had impact on society and revolution. He managed to capture the spirit of modernism, of De Stijl, the Bauhaus, the avant-garde Parisian, the Russian Vkhutemas and approaches of artists like Malevich, Grosz, Man Ray … In his facet as a photographer were a number of commercial designs for the company Pelikan. His work advertises specific items such as ink, paper, typewriter ribbon and charcoal using the immaterial, ephemeral creations with characteristics of frames. The frame is something known as’ photography without a camera. “Abound in his work geometric shapes, the combination of art and architecture, an order and structure are interrelated between the two points tesi n of painting. The straight line creating a dominant direction of our gaze, the touch is gone and breaks through the static and dynamic three-dimensional treatment.At present a three-dimensional language the artist is breaking the boundaries between painting, sculpture and architecture. The typeface he uses in his works is critical, it is impressive and accurate for this type of propaganda art.

Nicotine Throat Prufunda

I try to quit smoking, not the first time, although of course I hope will be the last, and from the experience of failure in these avatars, try dialing a degree of experience. One of the adverse reactions that grows in the nicotinesco critical period is the arrival of a blustery front of inner truth and absolute discharge as vehement outbursts and insults and sound to the person with confidence that you have at hand, without caring in over their status or religion. That is, small and bearable vital mistakes made by action or omission, are seen as most important, because in fact precipitation are snowy, but we believe that not passing a morning dew. In my case, being in the final phase of the bell curve of detoxification, the phantom of the opera to take off his mask, he showed me the status of slavery in which sits my life, have an obligation to pay form of real estate mortgages. Among my tribute to the “god of the sheep” are: “We can not leave a job without finding another previously. This means that regardless of whether they support your work situation, your business does not add anything you need as a person or a few months to clarify your life, your mind … … etc … …. to put a few examples. It disables you to make these decisions. -Increase in fixed costs. This implies that the revenue available to make your hobby decline so superlative, and not consider the case that there is an idea to become a parent. “Working for … as was this ….oh yes, … … to live “forgotten. “Frustrations. Have saved over three years to finally had to make a mortgage hanging. Let the facts speak institutional powers of the Constitution as our supreme rule and invulnerable and the time to decide, articles and access to decent housing is in a second division. You save those guilty of that whole system is exhausted and dying, and yet nobody saved me. And after all, do not even like living in a city, painful place that promotes individualism, caged in our dwellings from 50 to 100 m2, robotic and stupid, afraid to meet us, to touch us. Frightened by the news we read, see and hear. Que miedo! That bogeyman, who is also your neighbor! Uuuuuuuuuu. Anyway, I have to thank some side effects of the absence of snuff.

Concept Definition 20

POLLUTION Pollution is any, substance or form of energy that can cause some damage or imbalance, be reversible or not, in the initial medium. For there to pollution, the pollutant must be in relative amounts sufficient to cause this imbalance. The relative amount can be expressed as the mass of the substance introduced in relation to the mass or volume of the receiving environment of the same. This ratio is called concentration. The pollutants are related to the growth of populations and if these increase, the pollution they cause is greater. The pollutants for their consistencies, they fall in solids, liquids and gases. The agents are composed of solid waste in its various presentations. They cause pollution of soil, air and water.Because microorganisms in the soil and pesticides, the air because it produces bad odors and toxic gases and because the dirty water and not be used. The liquid agents are comprised of sewage, industrial waste, spills of petroleum fuels which damage the water mainly from rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, thus causing the deaths of several species. The gaseous agents are formed by combustion of fuel (nitrogen oxide and sulfur) and by burning fuels such as gasoline (releasing carbon monoxide), garbage and waste plants and animals. All the pollutants come from a particular source and can cause respiratory and digestive diseases. It is necessary for man to become aware of the problem. It’s called air pollution or air pollution to the presence in the environment of any agent (physical, chemical or biological) or a combination of several agents in places such forms and concentrations that are or may be injurious to health, safety or for the welfare of the population, or may be harmful to plant or animal life, or prevent the normal use of the property and places of recreation and enjoyment of them. Environmental pollution is also incorporated into the receiving bodies of solid, liquid or gaseous, or mixtures thereof, provided that adversely alter the natural conditions thereof, or which may affect health, hygiene or welfare of the public. Effects Experts in environmental health and cardiologists at the University of Southern California, just demonstrated for the first time what until now was just a suspicion of atmospheric pollution in large cities affect cardiovascular health.Research has found a direct relationship between increased air pollutant particles from the city and the wall thickening of the arteries (the “intimate media”), which is a proven indicator of atherosclerosis. The persistent effect of polluting the atmosphere, in a silent process of years, eventually leading to the development of acute cardiovascular conditions such as heart attacks. By inspiring environmental particles with a diameter smaller than 2.5 micrometers, enter the small airways and then irritate the artery walls. The researchers found that for every increase of 10 micrograms per cubic meter of these particles, disruption of intimal medial wall of the arteries increased by 5.9 . Smoke and snuff which generally comes from the exhaust of the car produces the same amount of these particles. Stringent clean air standards would contribute to better health with large-scale effects. One more of the effects is the weakening of the ozone layer that protects living things from ultraviolet radiation from the sun, due to stratospheric ozone destruction by chlorine and bromine from pollution.

The Cure at MSG

I have little to say about the presentation of The Cure, last Friday in this city that does not sound cheap guataquer a. Mainly because this was a concert that had to be rescheduled for almost a year, and after waiting so long with the ticket in his pocket, logic suggests that one save at least a little bit of resentment. But apparently aware of the precarious state of mind of one of those who bought tickets for already so, Robert Smith and the boys were ordered to settle the grievance with nearly three hours of uninterrupted music.The concert was broadcast live well and live through the FUSE network. After presenting their opening act 65daysofstatic, whom I dare recommend without fear to disappoint anyone, the Cure began with a long version of “Underneath The Stars“. The repertoire included tracks from all the years of the band, with emphasis on those who are still fresh and the surface in the collective memory of his followers. The first theme was followed “Lovesong,” “The End of the World,” “To Wish Impossible Things, Pictures of You” and “Baby Rag Dog Book” and a very long and so on.which spread along three “encores and ended well after midnight. Attendance was as expected, heterogeneous mass. There were goths, punks, rockers, and many people without definite socio-cultural affiliation. All danced (to the U.S. and according to what the rhythm of this music can, of course), chanted and screamed themselves thoroughly. My seat this time was not very good, but anyway I would hang a fotis (and a couple of videitos I found on YouTube, as mine are to me takes forever to load), in order to illustrate what my poor eloquence left out.

Els Petits Grans Detalls dels Friends

Diumenge to mat Rebo un missatge the mobile phone. Paella “today la meva amiga em Elvi question. Ahir Rebo email d’una amiga dels Estius Sudanell i d’estiu a reader blog d’aquest humil pregunant me if something necessitava de Catalunya ( “The Savage Detectives” per example ) Elizabeth l’Avui em truca questioner me i estic com Cristian m’envia friend an e-mail aquest ominously, is on rar month so that estic juny tenint. En Pere i l’Anna em diuen the messenger “nims. Canvia l’i facebook status to in Zion, l’Eva, Fernando i qu cony n’Eric ask em em passa. Fa Una setmana in Bernat i el seu pare i between m’inviten to sopar moc moc i amb aquesta d’m’animen feina steak that i que em sembla van PROMETRA not up. Avui amb la Bianca Ahmadi dino i ric molt despr s de molts dies fent-ho a mig gas. A mitjanit, I check the blog deixats els comentaris i molta gent me’n record A mitja tarda, the mare em truca worried i no puc parlar amb she perqu estic a punt d’MoMA to enter a surreal fer the presentaci traducci d’una pel l cula d’un director in a text-based catal Dali . Aquests s n petits Grans detalls of Friends. In the dist ncia s’adona one of moltes coses ia I redescobert Nova York de l’amistat value. Al llarg’s life a creu amb moltes persones: alguns d’ells semper will desconeguts, uns quants els esdevindran coneguts pocs Podr s ia com a amics consider. Per aix el post d’avui. Quan no passo massa per uns bons moments, knowing that people who are concerned about tens per tu et for a ai keep mirant endavant lluitant continue. Aviat far retorn meu a month of a Nova York. Havia of a treballar comen ar 2 juny i havia that of being a “Guide” is going to turn amb un “nou turn to start over.”Ja Porto 5 entrevistes of feina esgotados that nom s fan who Rebaix-te l’esteem, question-you ask them teves Habilitats i-tee if et veus RES capacity “this, that and the other”. Segurament, com diu la can Sondheim’s haurem de fer a “move on”. Tighten fort l’accelerator, fer one of volant gir r pid i deixar pols that the road to t’obligui ulls netejar-te els i, com diria el mestre Ozu, fer-you turn to look at realitat amb uns altres ulls. Amb uns ulls happy. Gr species amics Thanks friends My dear friends, thank you.