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The uses of such information systems is you decides you put into practice actions. These systems ploughs applied you any subject that manipulate dates or information related you the particular a place in space, and that its elements can be represented in map, such homes, schools, hospitals, and only on. Often the volume of information makes the quality of information, but also the union of the important factors will be wise decision. This is where collaboration between the systems of Geoprocessing and GIS mainly. Around the world in which we live, today, where technology evolves lives and lives, and its development is only rapid, that even the news that ploughs you flow, since most ploughs not new, the Geoprocessing not be different, because that makes uses of the development of technology you ease the difficulties, and is nothing lives than the combination of technologies will be collecting, processing, development and uses of georeferenced information. The IMPORTANCE OF the GEOPROCESSAMENTO IN the AUDITORSHIP AND AMBIENT SKILL the geoprocessamento makes use tools, resources and data where the analysts obtain to recognize the secular and space evolution of one determined geographic phenomenon and its linking with others. It is a technology that involves all the formation areas, does not demand question some to be applied, that is, any specialist can to make use of its technology to benefit in its research or works.

However to make its use, it is necessary that the concepts you discipline of them are transformed into computational representations. These computational tools are characterized as systems of geographic information or for acronym SIG, as more it is known, where allow that it is carried through more complex and extensive analyses, involving given of diverse sources and forming georreferenciados data bases. It still facilitates the possibility to automatize the cartographic document production. Using instruments as images of satellite, air photographs, maps, specific applicatory data base and, the geoprocessamento makes possible the generation of analyses and necessary information for the taking of fast and efficient decision, consisting, therefore in an important instrument in the planning of action in the ambient area.

Kit Sewage

Also need to make a characterization of the projected construction, which would point to its name, the number of residents and the local sewage plant location cottage. Still need to calculate the flow of wastewater, namely water use and sanitation. By Kit documents are also applied sewage scheme in the country, will show the plan a treatment plant, is a diagram of the treatment of domestic sewage, septic tank performance, quality of treatment and the procedure for disposal formed in the course of such a system of waste. Finally, a stack of documents and diagrams complements characterization receiving water purified and clarified sewage. I do not pretend to be complete list of required documents. The information may be outdated, so I recommend to build a septic tank to consult the local authorities about the required documents at the moment. The most important thing when constructing sewage country home – do not harm the environment, and this requires that the quality of wastewater in septic tank liquids compliance with the norms of environmental organizations. Therefore, I suggest that you find all the requirements to effect cleaning and take them into account when choosing a septic tank.

This way you protect yourself from unnecessary expenses. Now, a bit of data needed to design and follow-up sewerage in the country. As I said earlier, one of the most important documents for the design of the local sewer district is a situational plan. You will also need to make topographical survey of the construction site and be sure to make an engineering-geological study the installation site septic tank. It is necessary to define the requirements for the placement of the installation that you will surely have to consider when building. When the device needs to know the number of sewage septic users, their permanent or seasonal residence, type of soil, groundwater depth, topography of the surrounding terrain, the location of the water intake system (if any nearby), the climate, the demands environmental organizations in the region. Finally, I would like to say a few words about the basic rules of design for private house sewer. Sewer construction work without a septic tank with waste water disposal in special airtight container (vygreb) for further exports to the wastewater treatment plant is permitted only with the consumption of water

Hurry! Higher! Stronger! … And Greener

Environmentalists ‘correct’ the Olympic facilities in Sochi On Monday, the Sochi meeting was held under the leadership of Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, devoted to construction of Olympic facilities Olympics in 2014. The need for such a meeting was due to the fact that environmentalists and representatives of various environmental companies have protested against the construction of the Olympic facilities, which in their opinion, may cause damage to the nature of the Krasnodar Territory. Requirements conservationists include the transfer of some Olympic venues, new roads and power lines. The main protest of ecologists is associated with the construction bobsleigh track, biathlon complex, mountainous Olympic Village and a number of infrastructural facilities in the buffer zone of nature reserve ‘West Caucasus’ and a pear ridge (the area of Polyana).

However, the head of state corporations ‘Olympstroy’ Semyon Weinstock said that without making concessions to environmentalists in Sochi, and all the Olympic facilities will be built strictly in accordance with the bid book and their transfer will be performed. Recall that World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and ‘Greenpeace’ appealed to Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, an appeal not to post any Olympic sites in the protected zone of the Caucasian Nature Reserve in the river basin Psluh and a pear ridge. 6000 signatures of citizens of Russia with a demand to prevent the destruction of unique natural complexes of the Western Caucasus have already been transferred to the ioc and unesco. To save the reserve by unesco experts are ready to sue the International Olympic Committee to demand to deprive Russia of the right to host the Olympic Games..


NOKIA returns to innovate pointing to the CROWDSOURCING with USERFARM Nokia, a world leader in the mobile telephony market, has chosen UserFarm, the first platform of audio-visual Europe crowdsourcing with 20,000 creatives, to elect the videomaker that will better interpret its new applications for mobile phones. The campaign seeks to highlight the various applications of Nokia, making them a virtual and real experience in the field of games, ideas, communication, location, music, hobbies and much more. A jury of the mark shall elect from among the ten labours most voted by users to the winner of the contest, which will be rewarded with a mobile Nokia and a trip of 5 days / 3 nights for two people to New York City, the cosmopolitan city par excellence. For its part, the video most voted by the community will be rewarded with a mobile Nokia and a Dark Experience in Berlin. The second, third and fourth most voted video will reward with a Smartphone Nokia latest generation. The main objective of the action is encourage creativity by putting in direct contact to the brand and to the European Community of creatives from UserFarm, which gives them the opportunity channel his more daring and innovative ideas.

Creatives and professionals wishing to participate can consult the contest rules and submit their videos in from March 1 until May 2, moment in which the voting closes. The name of the winner of the contest will be published on day 13 of that same month. ‘ Experienciapps by Nokia is a channel specializing in the universe of applications for Nokia mobile phones that uses social networks and launches innovative initiatives to inform users of smartphones the extensive catalog of apps, resolve doubts about the use of them and maintain a direct contact with the consumers of these technologies. ‘ Experienciapps by Nokia starts punctually exclusive avant-garde events to the most faithful users on which it is possible to live real, unique and unforgettable experiences. Through these actions, users can share their experiences, questions and suggest new topics.

Fan Page: ExperienciappsByNokia Twitter: @experienciapps UserFarm is a pioneer of User Generated Advertising that offers creatives that are part of their community prizes and visibility through the creation of innovative and contemporary messages. Agencies and broadcasters have the opportunity to reward the ideas and talent of the community that is actively involved in projects, videos or campaigns created by users. TheBlogTv is the first Media Company User Generated in Europe. Source: Press release sent by Helen29.

Numerical Tools In The Inquiry And Remediation Of Contaminated Areas

In area contaminated for hydro-carbons, the migration of the contaminantes and the efficiency of the bombardment system depend on the litolgica heterogeneidade of the water-bearing place. In such a way, the agreement of the heterogeneidade and the hydraulical properties that characterize this water-bearing one is essential for the otimizao and the improvement of remediation processes. With sights to characterize the hidrogeolgico context of the place it is interesting to elaborate conceptual the hidrogeolgico model, by means of the integration of the data proceeding from inquiry techniques? geophysical methods, monitoramento of piezomtricos levels of monitoramento wells, geologic descriptions and grain sized analyses, getting itself, thus, of local flow of the value and the distribution and the dynamics litotipos water-bearing its of hydraulical condutividade. Face to the vast amount of generated data of numerous sources in a variety of formats and to the advances of the tools of management of ambient data of the numerical tools in the inquiry and Remediation of areas contaminated for hydro-carbons it follows a new trend for the formularization of conceptual a hidrogeolgico model from the integration of the information acquired in the bibliographical survey of geologic data and hidrogeolgicos regional places and; monitoramento of level d? water, from the accompaniment of the hydraulical load in monitoramento wells; geologic characterization of subsurface, hydraulical characterization of the water-bearing one. Due to centralization of the information and the tools integrated to the system of management of data, the numerical simulation already part of a conceptual model, not needing to inform to the software of the model the hidrogeolgicas characterizations. The accomplishment of numerical simulation of flows in permanent regimen, using the Visual software Modflow that uses the methods of finite differences to test the model conceptual conceived. The results gotten for the correlation enter the values of hydraulical loads measures and simulated they allow to verify the consistency of the conceptual model.

Big Business Opportunities

At this time taking advantage of new technologies such as the Internet and the new concepts of Marketing, business opportunities that allow you to create large companies have opened up great. Four trends: A business opportunity can be defined as a favourable combination of circumstances. In the business world this usually involves the explosion of trends favourable to initiative. While we cannot say that we are experts, a great trend we know when we see it. Moreover it has been said that success occurs when it is the opportunity and preparation. If that’s true, then should be even clearer when four explosive tendencies join!. No.1 Internet trend: The biggest of our lives change.

Even if you are not interested in computers, it is hard to ignore the impact that Internet and e-commerce in our society have had in the last decade and a half. Piar is it. Fifteen years is not so long! A single child at that age is in tenth grade but this child called Internet is already a commercial industry in the category of trillions of dollars not bad for a teen!. Trend No. 2 distribution: the greatest opportunity for wealth. The renowned economist Paul Zane Pilzer says that during the last century, manufacturing technology has advanced considerably, leaving the mass of a product cost tied in the process of distribution between the manufacturer and the consumer.

In fact, it estimated that average basket of goods, the product assigned to the manufacturing cost is only 15%, while the other 85% can be attributed to the distributions. Trend No. 3 franchise: the largest in the past 50 years trend. Before the Internet arrived, perhaps the biggest trend that hit the business world was the concept of franchising. An old idea actually found acceptance and the subsequent global expansion followed the efforts of a man, Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald s Corporation.

DDA Deficit

Attention deficit is a term used to describe a group of behaviors that appear most frequently in, school-age ninos-jovenes, but it can also affect adults. Attention deficit has a wide range of symptoms and can be confusing and stressful for the child or adolescent.Young people mature at different rates and have different personalities, temperaments, and energy levels.Most of us get distracted, acting impulsively, and the fight for attention at one time or another.It is when such symptoms, or to act as reckless or impulsive, daydreaming, becoming easily confused, or difficulty to remain seated for a long time are suffering schoolwork or the undermining of the social activities that should develop in a normal way. Quickly, we can say that the attention Deficit is a syndrome neurobiological, affecting the individual, which has the typical feature: Lack of chronic care in various activities. This is caused by the lack of dopamine that is a neurotransmitter in the brain. In other words attention deficit is a dysfunction of the brain, i.e., the brain is in good condition but there is an area of the same, that is affected. This, however, not deprive an appropriate development of the same, provided there is an environment and adequate stimulation. The intelligence of people who suffer from attention deficit is intact, which means, that this deficiency will not influence in a better or worse IQ, this will depend, again of the stimulation and the environment that surrounds these people during its growth. On many occasions is committed the erro classify with inappropriate names as loose, restless etc.

And is not sought a solution that helps them to overcome this deficiency, since with assistance to attack the problem and instruct the individual, so that is autocontrole and it can focus its attention on the activity that running. A person with Attention Deficit (DDA) presents difficulty to organize his thinking, so it has problems to represent what they have in mind, are having trouble processing information, stores information differently, find it hard to locate the main idea, you may not access and process information at high speeds. To correct these deficiencies should be thought modification techniques, applied by a specialist, however very specialized techniques exist such as the acoustic audio to improve the deficit of atencionque stimulate production of dopamine in the brain, thanks to technology acoustics found that certain vibrations and oscillations induce the brain to enter in a deep alpha state. When it is well calibrated and under control, this has proven to be very beneficial in cases of attention Deficit Disorder. People who are in the everyday environment of a person with DDA should also make modifications of conduct is important to apply immediate reinforcers and like the person, explaining the why you had been strengthened. These techniques must be applied with consistency and continuity for the duration of the same.

The people who surround you shall be blameless models. As soon as the school environment, the child or the person with the DDA can work properly, however sometimes is you tilda how loose, retracted, disinterested, etc. and due to his neglect loses the academic content so you need to be in a classroom with a small group of children, where there is constant communication between family, school and specialist. The teacher must be an excellent observer and contributor, paying attention to the advances of the child, applying reinforcers constantly at the right time and keeping informed representatives of the child in terms of tasks, reviews, events, etc.

Argentina Herbs

And as she added, after childbirth becomes a ritual with the placenta and umbilical cord: buries them as a way to bring life back to the forces of nature. It is a family ceremony of thanks. Azpiroz Clenan argued that if there are complications should refer the mother to a hospital, there is no experience on how to treat it. Another point discussed was that of mental health. They do not conceive the closure as a therapeutic form of healing. In that we have much to learn from them, said Minister Mate.

Also talked about medicinal herbs: in Argentina this has not been considered important, but in Brazil they are studying thousands of medicinal herbs, some with an important clinical effectiveness – said Marin-. Indigenous peoples say: if I used it for 500 years, why need to tell me that it is good?, and here comes a solidarity concept of Medicine: Western medicine requires a scientific validation. In the background, then, is a double proposal: improve accessibility – we have to 90 thousand persons originating, Mate – told the official health and leave indigenous medicine from spilling onto the huincas. Minister Mate said: it will be difficult, because laws are designed from the West. I don’t know what opinaran the medical colleges if we propose to put in an institution to a person who is not doing therapeutic medical, but to do the debate. For one thing, they want to there is a pilot with forms of care and indigenous therapies Center at the end of 2007.

They claim a mapuche health centre in Los Toldos-flags in mapuche announce a meeting at school 6, called by grouping Epu Bafkeh (two eyes of water). It is Sunday and the kids are entertained at the playground. There are many people, around tables, waiting for the pony, carneado on Saturday, which is slow roasted. The mapuches are located in circle and the Assembly passed the microphone from hand to hand. They ask for restitution of lands, a health center Mapuche and that its form of care is not considered illegal practice of medicine. In that place rose the tolderias of the tribe voroga of the cacique Ignacio Coliqueo, the Indian friend, who first fought for Urquiza and then got the legal assignment of 16,400 hectares, by laws of 1866 and 1868. Then, there was a long process opposite to the community concept of Earth. In little more than 100 years, the collective ownership became a single. Many sold them, evil, to go to the people. A bit of these lands today stands a House that belongs to the bishopric of 9 July, in a land of 2,875 square meters. It is uninhabited, they say in the meeting, since 1998. And now they want to sell. The mapuches nailed red door flags and a banner that proclaims: mapuche territory. In that house they want to lift the health centre where you can attend the machis, work the Yerba, and produce derivatives of herbs, such as tinctures and creams.