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EUROLITE Superstrobe

In result you need only prvesti mains to each device, and all of your light set will include a common breaker switch (set of machine-breakers). Typically, such ‘instrumental Park’ can be purchased at low prices – China’s production of devices of this kind to date, provides quite a demand for them. Even such leading manufacturers of lighting equipment like Martin Professional A / S (Denmark) considered it possible for her open China’s production budget line disco-home devices that can be controlled by a standard sound. And instruments with Acme logo initially relied on a similar type of product, only later hand-in-class production of high-power devices moving heads. If you decide on the subject devices, the range of our store in this case, you should look at the devices to stop Martin Pro Series ‘Mania’, should be fine instruments Wing, Z-50, all LED FX series of family EUROLITE. So much for ‘snogsshibaniya’ dancing audience, of course, you should buy the strobe, or even two, as long as they controlled most easily with an analog console.

For these purposes, we recommend EUROLITE Superstrobe 2700 Series with remote control CH (from one to eight channels – the number of strobe lighting). Flash control can be trusted with the same DJ who will manage the process without any special preparation. Light, who works in a semi- mode, implies a programmable controller that receives a signal of ‘air’ (microphone) or the audio line-out with remote control, or a digital protocol (time code, for example). And, thus activating way music program, it in turn to a wire line (typically, DMX-Protocol) devices operates in accordance with a pre-prescribed programs on it. In this case, your choice of devices is limited to only two factors – imagination and budget.

But there is a caveat – you get the already minimal budget, as the presence of DMX-control devices by default determines their higher cost. At the same time it is possible more designer clearance event – other instruments do not work ‘who’s in that much’ and do the program, forming a fully informed by the operator light scenes. I repeat – appliances and you can choose absolutely any class – from the effects to powerful moving heads and lasers. Altavista shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Only in this way need to be more responsible approach to the engineering part of the process equipment disco light. Summarizing the above, one can only wish to add – not forget the fact that any light apparatus has only half the value if you do not use smoke effects. After all, most of the disco light is not for ‘projection’ operation type ‘chamomile on the wall’, namely multipath effects in a special smoke-filled room. Try to see pictures of disco during their active work – rays, rays, rays … A smoke-free can not see them. Expect that your guests so do not protect their health that will be enough smoke for at least impractical, we are ready to offer more environmentally correct decision. Dymomashiny EUROLITE and Martin (Jem), as well as certified and have passed the eco-san and expertise to the liquid machines – this is the most successful and civilized way to achieve the desired result. And if the soul needs a holiday with a special scale, you can use the machine for the confetti – this simple and well-known visual effects people discovered in the Middle Ages and enjoyed his discovery until now. All of these very necessary things you will find us in ‘effects generators. ” Intoxication and raskolbas your discos!