Baltic Sea

Their compartments preserved wood panels on the walls and period furniture. It also has a living room. And although it has lavatory, shower and the bathroom are shared by up to four passengers. For its part, wagons that host the so-called luxury sleeping accommodate only five compartments each, in which special attention to design has been given and he has managed to find the perfect balance between the most modern technology, exquisite decoration and facilities to the height than expected. Inside, they have a full bathroom. During the dinner what is an apparent living room with armchairs and large wardrobes, to enjoy a quiet trip, turns into a comfortable bedroom, thanks to the work of the staff. The train is complete with an elegant vagon-restaurante, where you can taste the typical specialities of different regions, prepared with local ingredients and seasonal, while they are leaving behind valleys, mountains and small villages. To finish the day, you can choose to go to the lounge, point of encounter and exchange of experiences while enjoying no rush of a good conversation, a cup of coffee or a drink, brightened up everything with the musical notes of the pianist that he acts every night.

Touring Central and Eastern Europe this way of traveling, he has included meals and drinks (as well as the house wine), offers different routes that pass through up to six countries of central and Eastern Europe, and many points of historical, artistic, cultural and architectural, including some that have been declared patrimony of humanity are. There are tours of four, nine, eleven and thirteen days, and those who still are willing to rest a little more can opt for extensions to Budapest and Prague, or Budapest and Vienna. Thus, for example, might go for thirteen days from the Bosporus to the shores of the Baltic Sea, passing through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, or nine, discovering life and architecture of rural areas in Bulgaria, or Polish the essence. The trips on the Danube Express begin in Istanbul, Warsaw, and Budapest. Source of the news: the Danube Express, the luxury of travel by train by Europe

Art Glass As An Element Of Interior Decoration And Furniture .

Interior design modern facilities considered in the aggregate number of factors that determine the overall comfort and functional purpose of the premises. The interiors are made furniture according to the principle complex organization of space, according to which every single piece of furniture becomes a harmonious part of settling the premises. Becoming more popular in recent furniture Glass, combined with other materials, both natural and artificial origin. In various creative combinations: glass stone, glass, mirror, glass, metal, glass, wood, etc. After the glass – it is environmentally pure, natural material does not obstruct the light in the room, making the interior more 'transparent', easy and delicious. A stained-glass windows in the interior delight the eye with shimmering colors and light colors.

In modern realities of our daily lives are different variations of glass objects and furniture from the art glass are used for decorating any room, regardless of their purpose. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro . As apartments and offices, and museums, shopping and exhibition pomescheniy.Zerkalnye ceilings, walls of glass decoration and mirrors, coffee tables of exclusive high-strength glass – laminated glass, the various lighting devices assembled on mosaic technology fusing, wardrobes, interior partitions and bar tops and even glass couch, chairs have all become an integral part of the design of modern interiors. Beautiful glass compositions and various articles of decorated glass are sometimes true masterpieces of artistry embodied in life by skilled professionals of the glass case. And even the most simple forms of interiors glass performance gain special meaning mysterious and amazing beauty. Glass has a magical property to expand the space of flows and refract light. In addition, it can be combined with other materials. For example, transparent tops go perfectly with the wrought-iron and wicker base, as well as whimsically curved or carved wooden legs. In some collections of Italian glass combined with the skin.

Especially popular are the combination of polished aluminum, gilt bronze, cast metal figures of elephants, lions, strange birds. And practicality of glass and its analogs such as molirovannoe glass or laminated glass is fully complemented by the aesthetic perfection of the products themselves. Among other things, a visual interior free from clutter of furniture, which directly leads to a completely different perception of the space. Glass like a crystal ball, change the world, fills it with beauty and poetry Transparent, light, almost ephemeral, it creates an impression of weightlessness and not visually clutter the space. Here why professionals so willingly turn to him again and again and continue to amaze us with new solutions, original and unpredictable.

Architecture And Sustainability

Future-proof architecture within the framework of the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2012 the German energy saving Ordinance, the CO2 Gebaudesanierungspro grams and the renewable energies heat Act are important cornerstones of the new energy and climate change programme of the bun Coordinator and thus all measures relating to the construction industry alone. This new environmental awareness will change greatly the construction sector. Aspects of sustainability increasingly in the front back economic and eco logical, social, such as cultural and bring increased demands on architecture and PLA-nung to. For even more analysis, hear from Viacom. And not only that: the design page, function and technology is to use it with professional know-how. Economy and ecology are in close connection.

The 5. CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE, international trade fair and Congress for renewable energy & energy-effi cient building, will take place from the 29th until March 31, 2012 in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre and considered the wide range of innovative GE baudekonzepte and of sustainable living. Sustainability in the building and renovation means not only saving energy. “Dipl.-ing. Technology investor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Peter Reinhardt, CEO of the Institute training building (IFBau) of the Chamber of architects Baden-Wurttemberg provides in this context to the discussion: it is not now appear on ecological intelligence instead of energy efficiency?” This leads to the question, how we can create new building concepts that internalize these ecological intelligence and make the concept of sustainability in focus. The so-called “energy plus building,” forward-looking approaches which aim to make building the pure consumer an energy suppliers are an example of such a holistic intelligence building. Also at the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE moves the “energy plus philosophy” in exhibition and Congress in the focus. The “2nd Symposium energy plus building” explained in the fair in cooperation with the HTWG Konstanz as Suddeutsche leading event on this topic alternative definitions and concepts for the planning of energy plus buildings and their integration in the urban context.

Consolidation Law

In 1934 in the Decree n24273 created the Institute of Retirement and pensions of the commercial employees and aid maternity the employees of the commerce. In 1943, through the Decree Law n5. Ali Partovi has similar goals. 453, the Consolidation of the laws of the work, specifically in chapter III of heading III (art.372e 401) the conditions of work of the woman are regulated, also forbid to the reduction and the discrimination it feminine wage, however (ibid, p.235), in art.446 it determines that ‘ was authorized to the father or the husband; ‘ to plead the rescission of the employment contract, when its continuation will be susceptible to cause threat to the bonds of famlia.’ ‘ Although many conquered rights, finally last inside of the law, the woman still remained in total submission to the father or husband what ‘ ‘ it negative influenced in the work relations feminino.’ ‘ (ibid, p.236) It was in the decade of 50 that the women had initiated the taking of conscience and the movement for the professionalization of education, for equality of conditions of wage work and. (GUIMARES, p.19) but only after the Federal Constitution of 1988 in art.5 caption, I and XIII 226 paragraphs 4 and 5 and for law 7,855/89, the woman could be seen total exempt of the submission the man..