Crystal Acrylic

PrintoLUX can now serve strong demand where so far is trying to take advantage of thermosetting digital printing in the printing of acrylic, the results show significant deficiencies: the standard acrylic deform and therefore not sufficient for the process of Thermohartung. It is wavy. Also streaks that persist even after printing and greatly reduce the optical quality formed by the pre-treatment mostly. Such weaknesses have resulted in that printing of acrylic with the process of thermosetting digital printing so far unfinished. That has increased with the development work of the PrintoLUX GmbH is now changed. PrintoLUX makes high-quality crystal-clear acrylic and can be printed through lengthy and detailed testing of various qualities of acrylic in Frankenthal/Pfalz, Germany-based identification specialist PrintoLUX could resistance now a transparent acrylic material to determine that on the way of thermosetting digital printing in the print as well as in the deposited negative pressure best Printing results. The newly identified quality of acrylic does not the known weaknesses in the processing.

The pressure is temperature resistant and faultless optical quality. Use indoors: surface preparation by flame treatment now used by PrintoLUX acrylic has a minimum thickness of 3 mm for printing and is to be flame from his typographical arrangement. This increases the surface energy and forms a layer of stubborn at the same time, which significantly improves the thermosetting process. Thus, a stronger adhesion of ink and higher chemical resistance is achieved. The loading Flame device suitable is easy to handle and can be purchased at PrintoLUX for nearly 1,700 net together with the printing systems and the acrylic material. Use outdoors: surface preparation by painting set printed acrylic exterior come to use, provides a material that is equipped with a special transparent varnish PrintoLUX. On these Crystal clear protective coating is printed with thermosetting ink PrintoLUX.

This is followed by the Thermohartung in heat oven at about 115 degrees. After this process, the surface is resistant to acetone and 5 to 7 years, UV and weather-resistant. Great demand among users through the newly established quality of acrylic, are connecting with the technical and economic advantages of marking pressure of PrintoLUX can, can the company now serving a large group of users, which has long been waiting for such solutions. This includes the entire area of the Office building, which are often equipped with door and corporate signage from acrylic. Bell signs and the directions of passenger elevators, acrylic is a much-used material. The acrylic pressure in art, as well as in the presentation of documents and certificates found wide application areas. Sample request possible on request allows interested customers printed material patterns come to PrintoLUX. The acrylic can be supplied in each individual crop. As The dimensions of 500 x 500 mm are supplied plate material. Other formats must be requested. The PrintoLUX of idea of PrintoLUX has a system developed and patent pending, with the PrintoLUX certified materials made of metal and plastic in industrial resistance initially in the maximum size 420 mm x 600 mm with a height of up to 500 mm can be digitally printed. The system is unique in the world and replaces previous methods, such as screen printing, engraving, laser and plotting in many application areas.

United States Exports

Now it is amid a global economic crisis. especially for the United States that has generated a financial crisis has seriously affected the stock markets of the capitalist world. As a exposed according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade, from the first of Eneroa 2010, Costa Rica enter the U.S. market without paying taxes for 99% of its exports, ranging from tropical fruits computer circuits. United States is the main trading partner of Costa Rica, for it buys half of its exports, more than 9,000 million dollars a year, but demand could fall by the financial crisis hitting the economy. Through November, U.S. exports amounted to 3610 million dollars.

It’s diverse product offerings that Costa Rica export and ranging from syringes, needles, catheters and the like, computer parts and accessories, articles and orthopedic appliances, medical instruments and devices, and veterinary surgery, banana, pineapple and coffee. As regards investments, expectations are hopeful of maintaining that line numbers one billion dollars, according to the ministry. It is expected that telecommunications and insurance absorb the bulk of foreign investment, sectors which are open to private competition soon after decades of state monopoly, as a result of NAFTA.

Personal Gods

The leader filled with clear purposes, succeeds in making those lost in the north, find a light that wish to follow. That light is the leader who shows a path (Vision). This personal magnetism that the leader has, manifests itself in different ways and in different individuals, but is revealed especially at times when others are unable to act. The charismatic leader is full of energy and who acts first. The charisma and personal magnetism is not something you see in the overnight or that has nothing to do with the nature, position or experience. If the leader is expected to actually be good, is not enough to possess special gifts or skills, if you do not know how to use. Knowledge is essential for the leader to demonstrate its ability to support and raise credibility.

The leader is not only a person who can attract and influence others, is that able to demonstrate how do things. This immense full of confidence to his followers and inspiring force leader. The charisma then is associated entirely with what we call personal power. This is the style of power that exerts real leader, while the leader applies his typical position power or assigned power. For its part, about it, he says, that charismatic leaders have called social power, ie authority to socialize their thinking and individual behavior. Provided according to her, for 'charisma' quality, exceptional passing, of a personality, by virtue of which it is considered in possession of supernatural or superhuman forces and not affordable to anyone else, or sent from God, or as a specimen and therefore, as the head leader, guide or leader. Recognition (in the genuine charisma), it is the foundation of legitimacy, but a duty called, on the merits of the vocation and corroboration, to recognize that quality. This recognition is psychologically, a completely personal delivery, full of faith, born of enthusiasm or of destitution and hope.

Charismatic domination, involves a process of communication of emotional nature. Ricardo Omar definitely tells us that "charisma is really an irresistible force that every true leader possesses. The Greeks called divine sympathy or attraction. It is easy to acquire, but how hard is to keep permanently. " To acquire charisma, just interested in people and show genuine interest in it. In reality, the charism is excellence. It feeds with excellence because it is farthest from selfishness. All forms of charisma empower the leader, but they knocked him down if there is inconsistency. If the leader can not lead by example, then loses his charisma and charisma is the same consistency of leadership, so the real leaders and exemplary conduct this exercise increases, energizes and nourishes his charisma.