Joachim Schellenberg

Integrate phone and eMail, networking sites, virtual service center make Walldorf, the 1 September 2013 instead of Facebook, Twitter and co. have priority other topics in German contact centers. The investigation comes to this realization perspectives 2015 Status Quo and trends in the contact center market”by Strateco and altitude software. Therefore, tasks, such as the integration of telephone and eMail, networking sites, and the formation of virtual service center burn the decision-makers in German contact centers much hotter under the nails. For the ECENTA AG, the study shows that in many places from a technological perspective yet a future-proof Foundation must be laid. The company from Walldorf sees great potentials here for IP-based communications platforms.

In recent years the impression was often, as only about apps, social media, and similar topics would revolve. As we now see, pushes the shoe in many cases in different places”, explains Joachim Schellenberg, Manager business Development at the ECENTA AG. Of course there are exciting trend themes, which will play a greater role in the future, but currently, yet often the necessary basics, must be created, for example, through an IP based communication platform.” The study found that almost 60 percent of those surveyed call the theme of platforms, systems and technologies”as currently the most important task, followed by the optimisation of processes. The integration of social media and similar channels ranked with 18 percent knocked off on the fourth rank. It is also worth noting that 53 percent of all respondents in contact centers work, which are represented in more than one place.

However, less than a quarter of the branches are integrated or interconnected. Here, it is clear that there is still great need to catch up. Linking different locations caused by virtual contact center offers great potentials for synergies and improve the quality of service, because resources can be used more” Joachim Schellenberg reported.

Sales Strategies

Most manufacturers of capital goods to displace 2013 primary competitors. This shows the expert barometer of sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partner. What sales goals top priority in your company 2013?” It wanted to know the management specializing in the investment goods industry and sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partners (PS & P), Ilsfeld near Heilbronn by manufacturers of industrial goods and industry service providers. Therefore, she conducted called an expert barometer survey by response to this topic. With her, each participant could call three objectives.

288 Sales professionals participated in the survey. The expert barometer showed: 2013 their revenue and earnings targets to ensure that 17 percent of companies want to acquire targeted new customers and competitors customers. 15 Percent would take better advantage of their existing markets and customers and new markets and target groups open up another 12 percent. This means according to company owner Peter Schreiber: 44 percent, nearly half of all the available measures, fact-based companies existing solutions and existing suppliers to replace with own offerings. It underlines also the low percentage for the introduction of new solutions and products: 8 percent. Increasing sales efficiency and enforce better prices follow these three objectives focused mainly on displacement in fourth and fifth place, by fewer discounts are given. Both targets are specified with 9 percent.

Signals according to Peter Schreiber, that many sales organizations is not aware what leverage already improved 1 percent or worse rates have and give less discounts such as yield-enhancing the subject”acts. To motivate the sales staff in this matter and to train the sales expert, pays for itself very quickly”. 2013 To increase sales and earnings, surveyed manufacturers of industrial goods and industry service providers with only 8 percent think a forcing of the sale of spare parts, or of the Sale of services. “This amazed, because in a study marketing of services”, carried out by Peter Schreiber & partners with the University of Mannheim, the majority of companies pleaded for it, substantially to increase the share of sales and earnings of the service business in part to 30 to 50 percent of the total. According to Peter Schreiber rightly that much revenue and profit potential lies in professional services marketing for many sales organizations”. The tail under the sales targets called the PS & P experts barometer is adjusting or increasing the prices with only 7 per cent. According to Peter Schreiber, reflects that most sales organizations at prices proceed little strategically and conceptually. Therefore, they see a high risk to alienate customers and may even lose, and not the chances for customer loyalty and increasing customer certainly contained by a strategically clever planned price adjustment this primary. More info about Results of another PS & P experts barometer, as well as of various studies of the University of Mannheim with Peter Schreiber & partners are interested on the Web pages and. You can contact directly Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld, (Tel.: 9696-8, email:).

ShareFile StorageZone

“Featured solutions on the CEMA ‘ByoD’ help it companies of every size, mobile work styles of their employees of to support Citrix presented on the CEMA ByoD” in the September / October 2012 at 9 times the next phase of his strategy for the support of mobile forms of work in companies. The next phase of the Citrix strategy: Mobile forms of work in companies. Presented on the CEMA Sept/Oct 2012. + are registration via since the beginning of the cloud era workers increasingly mobile and are looking for ways to make their own work from anywhere and on any device they want. Citrix support this mobile forms of work with a wide range of IT solutions for the personal cloud”, which provide employees with the desired freedom and flexibility, and at the same time the security required by the company and control ensure.

“On the CEMA ByoD” featured solutions make it easier Companies to support any size, mobile work styles of its staff, by providing an infrastructure build, about which it is possible to use data and applications across different end devices. “Will be presented the following solutions: people – Citrix GoToMeeting and GoToAssist data – Citrix ShareFile and ShareFile StorageZone technology apps Citrix remote solution-FlexCast technology, XenDesktop, CloudGateway2 devices Citrix receiver, Citrix XenClient invited to the CEMA ByoD” are IT managers in companies. The event is free of charge. Dates, program and registration on

Bavarian Sport Award

Seehofer records Agency in the category of ‘Innovation in sport’ from Munich, Germany, July 10, 2011 and the winner is KG media factory. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Horst Seehofer has BFV.”” Bavarian TV Football magazine “develops and produces innovation in sport by the KG media factory with the Bavarian Sport Award 2013 in the category” honored. The BFV.TV project team received the award for the idea, conception and implementation of Germany’s first online sports show”for amateur football. BFV.TV really deserves the prize. The amateur football great shows in the form of an Internet broadcast. This is a new era,”said Seehofer. Laudator Martin Bader, Board sports and public relations of the 1st FC Nuremberg: BFV.TV is a great idea, which offers an attractive platform also the Bavarian clubs below of professional football”.

BFV President Dr. Rainer Koch spoke of a price for the entire Bavarian amateur football”. Klaus Gronewald, owner of KG media factory. on the question from moderator Markus Othmer, like it with North Baden.TV goes further: we are very proud of the prize. That’s incentive enough to develop this great show. So we plan to report North and South from the upcoming season of the Siro of the Bavaria League.”BFV.”The Bavarian TV Football magazine” is the amateur top clubs in Bavaria since July, 2011 its own platform on the Internet.

Every Sunday (from 20: 00) soccer magazine on shows free of charge all the games, all goals”as well as interviews and stories from the Regionalliga Bavaria. “Christian Seifert, Managing Director of the German Football League (DFL), praised in the sport Bild” already at the start: instead of to complain only about lack of TV exposure, the Bavarian Football Association is an innovative way with his Internet broadcast. ” In the season of 2012/2013, the BFV media factory produced 53 shipments with a total of 31 hours of amateur football with his partner KG. The football magazine 11Freunde “chose BFV.TV” in September 2012 to the show of the month”. All shipments are at all times available via the free BFV app on your Smartphone. The Bavarian Sport Award by 2013 took place on 6 July in Munich. Photos Bavarian sport award you may 2013 for free editorial use at the following link from the folder “download: sh/c79ztlxg54w1u3t/MEonsoHJqo. “Please press for use of the images 01 and 04 source Schneider -” and the pictures 02, 03 and 05 as source BFV “on. KG media factory the KG media factory is a creative and media agency based in Munich and Berlin, which owned by Klaus Gronewald has founded the company in 2006. Performance focuses on branded TV (including Audi star talk, Germany’s only sports personality – talk show), corporate moving with a focus on experience-oriented communication and live-communication. The KG works media factory for numerous companies in the DAX with a team of 40 fixed and free people. A special focus is on the areas of Sports, automotive, energy, innovative technology, food and trade. Media contact dot.communications Philip Lobbecke Tel: 089 / 530 797-105 E-Mail:

Piera Aulagnier

Our knowledge of analysts can be heard by the psychotic as certainty that is made in response, with the risk that the same analysis again place of repetition of his delusional relationship with each other. Piera Aulagnier cites a very interesting case of a psychotic subject. The core of delirium is very similar to the Schreber: God wants femineizarlo. Shortly after you begin your analysis, rejects his delirium. The analytical discourse has taught him that it was not God who wanted to do woman. That was a mistake. You now know that it is not God but his mother who argues that desire.

Delirium changes of language, but remains the same himself. Nicholas makes me gifts, brings me objects, significant for him, and steals objects, indifferent to me, my query. Search objects in a concretion of love, it articulates the love with the enjoyment of the other, represented by his analyst. Seeking a third instance, which stands in the imaginary collision. Resulted it to another psychiatrist to make it so. Making object of the psychotic transfer has its risks, we cannot resort to interpretation to cut transfer, the only thing we can do is support it but this may lead us to an impasse Nicolas will exit the impasse there, interposing between him and his analyst, an imaginary mediation: a woman wearing my name. It builds a path that leads (are his words): mother to women, women to women. Now the there are so many women in the world can acquire a new meaning: not the fall, the devaluation of the object; but there are other women who are neither my mother nor my analyst, thus building a stub object, or at least a place to host it. Another risk in working with psychotic, is the erotomania, only apparently opposite to the delirium of love. Both respond to the question by the enjoyment of the other.

HDT Seminar Efficient Procedure Profession

In part 2 the successful HDT-seminar series-energy management in industry, currently the 10th revision since 2010 the successful seminar series on energy management and to improve energy efficiency in the process industry, 2013 in the fourth year takes place. Their contents are adapted to the constantly changing conditions updated daily. Prof. Dr.-ing. Axel Gottschalk Bremerhaven University introduces, and SUPREN GmbH, Dortmund, in the 2-day seminar of the HDT energy-efficient procedures for procedural processes on November 4-5, 2013 in food methods for process planning and process analysis: mass and energy balances, energy / CO2 benchmarks, exergy – and Pinchanalyse with heat power totals curves, pinch point, the minimum heating and coolant requirements before. Heat through a heat exchanger network for optimal heat integration is entered on the integration process under presentation of commercial software tools, as well the integration process is deepened water and wastewater. Seminar series: energy management and energy efficiency in the process industry part 1 – in process engineering Procedures for processes on 4th-5th November 2013 in food part 3 – devices and components in food, 24-25 November 2013 each part of the series can be booked independently farms on the 23-24 Sept 2013 and 14-15 Oct. 2013 in eating part 2 – energy efficient, the total number is deducted.

As an energy management system for the overall operation is realized optimally across again special conditions apply for several employees of a company. More of technology e.V., Tel. information those interested in the House 0201/1803-1, Ms. meadow, fax 0201/1803-346 or direct to W-H040-11-943-3 Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man

Pharo – Love Of My Life

One man, one vote the new single of Pharo – love my life. Actually PHARO uses to to put people into hypnosis and to wean them from smoking, pesky pounds to announce the fight or to counter phobias, sleep problems, and much more. Now he uses his voice but completely different: PHARO for his legendary TV appearances, is among others known at the RTL Super talent. But he can also sing! With numerous pop hits (including only love counts”, dance with me in the morning”) he made already musical about talk. “Now, he is back on stage: love of my life” is his new single, on September 1 on the label Mania music appears. “The song self-written by PHARO was produced among others by Stefan Possnicker in the tone-Art Studio, producer of the successful duo fantasy” is the best of “album reached gold status this year. Pabila collaborated successfully with Germany’s Lai Queen Andrea Berg.

PHARO brings fresh wind in the charts, because also musically meets the star Hypnotist the right tone. Threesome Discofox rhythm, a text that stays in your ear, and a voice that goes under the skin, are the ingredients that PHARO now wants to conquer the charts. Love of my life”is a catchy tune, who owns absolute hit potential. Declaration of PHAROs musical, passionate love to the love of his life”invites you to dance, sing along and dreams of great love. “I have a great producer with Stefan Possnicker and mania music found a new label”, PHARO which trembles against the release date forward.

I’m curious, how is my song hit fans!” Curious he also may whether he can connect with his new hit to old successes. “” “” Love that counts because with his hits”, I see ‘ me for you”, you’re with me, what’s going on”or dance with me in the morning” he had of listen. “Source: Office Pharo love of my life” is available since 1st September all downloadable. More Information: