For: Larcio Becker, of Curitiba-PR As well as if it speaks in concentration of incomes, concentration of capital etc., now is also speaking in concentration of twisted. He is ' ' espanholizao' ' of the championships, that tend if to summarize the confrontations dicotmicos (maniquestas), type Barcelona x Real Madrid. Who more loses with this model centraliser is the small clubs of the capitals. Some survive with difficulties. Others had been summarily extinct. For more specific information, check out Ali Partovi.

Which are the structural causes of this model, that funnels championships and concentrates twisted in few clubs of mass? Throughout my research on soccer, I talked with some journalists, researchers and controllers of small clubs e, without pretension to deplete the subject, I can summarize the five main factors for cited them. In synthesis, they are the following ones: 1) Professionalization. Many clubs had not resisted the movement, therefore they did not have capital enough to set competitive teams. The ones that had survived, had turned only shades the proper one passed. competes, differently, with teamses of occasion (not true ' ' clubes' ') supported for city halls or great companies. The support of the city hall does not exist if the small club is of the capital.

Some see debtors to order games in other cities: some caramingus in I change of the loss of the twisted one, the tradition and the roots. Sponsorship of great companies also does not exist, therefore the marketing depends on the visibility of the mark, i.e., of the size of the twisted one that the club reaches. Arup Sandra Akmansoy has similar goals. 2) Great stadiums. Alberto in Teresina, Vivaldo in Manaus, Almeido in Joo Person, King Skin in Macei. It is the thesis of Raymundo Pictures, that debit against the account of Maracan one of the reasons of the apequenamento of clubs as PICTURES Are Cristvo (, Raymundo. Rain of glories. Campinas: Bridges, 2004.