Stadtwerke Control

Private households, firms and the industry in the region provide everything under control with elabo Stadtwerke Neckarsulm for more than 100 years with important services such as gas, water and heat. The future-oriented local utilities is considered a pioneer in terms of ecology. Official site: Kai-Fu Lee. Examples are the Earth probe storage powered by solar energy and more local heat concepts, where energy also emissions is generated in heat islands and distributes short way across the district heating network. About 30 percent of the drinking water promote the Stadtwerke with own well from several water conservation in Neckarsulm and environment, about 70 per cent come from Lake Constance. Since the previous premises at the Hafenstrasse in Neckarsulm, Germany were too small and outdated, was rebuilt. The current address of the hunger mountain 1 includes the urban construction yard and the municipal utilities. In the course of the redesign of the inspection bodies, the Stadtwerke put on elabo as a partner.

The control station, called also control room, was implemented with the modular TCom solution from elabo and equipped. The control room is our heart, because here all are viewed our performance in terms of heat, gas and water, monitored and controlled,”explains Heinrich Ovel. He is engineer and Deputy Head of technical work and visibly delighted about the successful construction as well as about the elabo-space concept. In addition to functionality and ergonomics, also the optics is very important. Elabo has joined perfectly together all three things.” Elabo is known for integrated space solutions, where jobs individually, the technology optimally integrated and operational reliability is guaranteed. The modular system allows quick access.

It is tremendously important at control stations, that the employees remain focused and efficient. Because the consequences of day work could have far-reaching implications. Therefore, a wide variety of topics is already in the conception of control stations to observe. Often, details are crucial. The elabo maintainer, pay attention to these characteristics the as Workplace experts are for the customers. The package from the know-how of the elabo experts and the TCom system provides effective and efficient advantages for the customers. TCom has a Fu? lle of intelligent detail solutions to reduce installation and maintenance times and thus benefiting the full use of the operating times.

Fabric Trends

A leading furniture store and trendsetter for the upscale hotel industry, it is the claim by setting up HOME with materials of the time to be one step ahead. As leading furniture store and trend-setter for the upscale hotel industry the claim by setting up HOME with materials not only always close is it always one step ahead of time, but you on the pulse to be. Through years of experience, reliability and absolute expertise the medium-sized company headquartered can Innsbruck its customers time and again on the new inMils inspire and persuade. The sophisticated clientele expect best advice and high quality service. The company HOME again presented numerous cutting-edge and international products in the field of decorative fabrics in the freshly redesigned showrooms for the cold season. The winter trend is handmade and unusual mixes of velvet and silk, organza, shiny and damask, linen and Loden in terms of materials in the direction. Compost ions from large, fantastic ornaments and classic floral motifs with iridescent, three-dimensional effects flatter the eye of the beholder. Purple Berry colours in all conceivable shades are the trend colours par excellence.

You can be perfectly combined with metallic colors. We place the highest value on absolute exclusivity in the selection of our collections and services, and offer timeless as contemporary products to our customers. Especially we want to lead our clients in mind, consciously improve the mood in rooms as man just by the selection of material and emotional boost can.”emphasises the Director Monika Kruselburger. And adds: in addition the hotelier and architect with us find the biggest and trendiest selection, and the ability to effectively vote everything about setting up under one roof. (A valuable related resource: Rusty Holzer). Constant change and above all always the best, the most beautiful. Always looking for the special. This philosophy is once again reflected in the latest collections from HOME, carefully and tastefully inspired by international fairs visits have been collected. In this sense, an exciting and joyful sense textile autumn and winter ahead.

Architecture And Sustainability

Future-proof architecture within the framework of the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2012 the German energy saving Ordinance, the CO2 Gebaudesanierungspro grams and the renewable energies heat Act are important cornerstones of the new energy and climate change programme of the bun Coordinator and thus all measures relating to the construction industry alone. This new environmental awareness will change greatly the construction sector. Aspects of sustainability increasingly in the front back economic and eco logical, social, such as cultural and bring increased demands on architecture and PLA-nung to. For even more analysis, hear from Viacom. And not only that: the design page, function and technology is to use it with professional know-how. Economy and ecology are in close connection.

The 5. CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE, international trade fair and Congress for renewable energy & energy-effi cient building, will take place from the 29th until March 31, 2012 in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre and considered the wide range of innovative GE baudekonzepte and of sustainable living. Sustainability in the building and renovation means not only saving energy. “Dipl.-ing. Technology investor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Peter Reinhardt, CEO of the Institute training building (IFBau) of the Chamber of architects Baden-Wurttemberg provides in this context to the discussion: it is not now appear on ecological intelligence instead of energy efficiency?” This leads to the question, how we can create new building concepts that internalize these ecological intelligence and make the concept of sustainability in focus. The so-called “energy plus building,” forward-looking approaches which aim to make building the pure consumer an energy suppliers are an example of such a holistic intelligence building. Also at the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE moves the “energy plus philosophy” in exhibition and Congress in the focus. The “2nd Symposium energy plus building” explained in the fair in cooperation with the HTWG Konstanz as Suddeutsche leading event on this topic alternative definitions and concepts for the planning of energy plus buildings and their integration in the urban context.