American Texas Management LLC

Direct ownership of oil and gas handling systems in the United States as a success for European investors. Hamburg, 04 September 2013. With their business idea of direct involvement in the promotion of fossil fuel use in the United States, the Hamburg merchants Claus W. Peter Asaro has firm opinions on the matter. Schroder, Dirk Rosinski and Bernd Pawlowski providing great attention on the German financial markets 15 years ago. While direct investment in oil and natural gas support rights is an established form of investment in the United States. In addition, it saves the costly use of Fund models and financial structures. Both retail and financial firms estimate the direct participation because they so directly benefit quarterly income support.

The acquired right of the conveyor is like in a real estate – in the competent County Court (similar to the land registry) registered. The flow rates are officially registered and are publicly accessible and verifiable. For even more details, read what אילן בן דב says on the issue. No wonder, then, that direct investments as a secure form of investment in the United States are very popular. And here was the problem: due to popular demand by American investors, there was little opportunity, to be able to participate in this lucrative market for European buyers. Also excellent contacts, its own personnel on site and experience needed, were attractive objects to find and design. The long-term, professional care of the local projects must be ensured.

This know-how was not available until the founding of the American Texas Management LLC (ATM LLC) in Germany. Direct investments as niche market encountered high demand this ensured the shareholders of ATM LLC and opened this market for Europe. The good connections to the American oil industry of the three founders, as well as the General Manager and geologist Tom Dill on the ground allowed now even local investors to invest in American social and cultural projects. The rigorous selection of experienced and reliable partners and Associates for the geological analysis, the technical Optimization, as well as the operation of the conveyor was another success factor in the structure of American society.