Economic Development

The Forest San Matias San Carlos Protection in this area shows strong amaneza, not just the opening of new trails or roads, the opening of large tracts of farms, for the installation of illicit crops, illegal logging and land traffic, which therefore generate social conflicts with local communities in this part to date there is no mitigation or project initiative to replace the growing interest of new farmers. In 1998, Oway community, spoke a group of 30 squatters who had settled illegally enforna and 2004, Parotoshari community suffers an invasion of 60 families, now that to date have not been overcome These impasses, for that they joined the granting of oil concessions, which is in the exploration phase, it is also causing confusion in the native communities regarding conservation issues. Peter Asaro follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Start the recovery of forest protection, should be a tripartite alliance (the State, and Local Community NGOs), but in this local community expects recognition and incentive to continue cooperating in the task of conservation and protection, ANAP has fulfilled this part of gestating new legal tools for conservation, dare regional governments (Case of the regional ordinance declares the inviolability of Aviation) and dare the same in Puerto Bermudez of the Management of Economic Development has required the local government to create compliance with the local Environmental Management System, SLG, and has been involved in the zoning process of the regional government, also part of the management committees of the Sira Communal Reserve, so it is necessary to strengthen the organization on technical and logistical himself eco prioritize projects in conflict areas and for this the state must ensure that existing rules are satisfied and make your presence on the eastern dare force some projects, exploitation of forest resources, we have a case of exploitation of natural rubber that has driven the dare UNODC / UNOPS, which must be extended to these areas, you have to take double fusion preserving forests and future environmental service benefits, in some way this project has combined the experience of indigenous communities as it has not caused damage to the ecosystem and communal areas, experiences like this should be expanded and are being expanded in other areas, if the Condor mountain range in the border area with Ecuador, and the roll of NGOs, should influence the issues of technology transfer, and research to pursue activities that are not appropriate for long periods, due to the scarcity of economic resources and is also need to be in coordination with the organization and the grassroots. Promote activities aimed at strengthening families eco association use, should be the link for creating community enterprises, and make communities adopt a development policy under a plan of institutional life articulated in the sector development plan or district, as a caught strategy sustainable and viable development. You may want to visit Energy Capital Partners London to increase your knowledge. Forest management should be integral in this place and be successful when transferring successful experience and strengthen the institutions involved act independently of the communities, and the process less bureaucratic, more so when public institutions have personnel capable of perfect act with transparency and enforce the rules.