Till Demtroder Actor

Were you successful with your event? Oh, Yes, even more than that! In our minds, we have for months planned and organized, until at the end of the time was then very scarce. Lucky me was the Hamburg event agency Grendel & Henke PR helpful to the side, alone I would have gone swimming. What a stress: hundreds of emails and telephone calls till then everything was finally so far and the guest and riders could arrive in Putbus on the beautiful island of Rugen. The hope of good weather and all our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Many of our guests came for the first time after complaints and had free rein to their enthusiasm. How do you measure success? The concept of combining a traditional drag hunt with a lifestyle event is something completely new. However, it went on, the riders were extremely excited because we had to offer a really sophisticated and stunningly beautiful riding track along the most beautiful places of Rugen on both days.

Our guests had much fun, the riders to accompany, in one of the 40 provided VW Touaregs, that really was a one-time thing. The eyes of my guests resonated, and the flood of thank-you emails is great! That was the greatest success! What were the highlights? The whole event was a together chaining of different highlights, we have planned long. With a wonderful opening aboard along the circle of rock, a Sunddowner\”on the pier of Sellin and a beautiful welcome evening in the cosy Beach Hall in BINZ have times really good all started. The magnificent hunting stop at the Manor of Krimvitz, the stylish equestrian gala evening in the historic stables from which many of our guests have; really recognize all these wonderful parts of the program be forgotten. The show train at the Binzer Beach, where so many thousands of people were watching us, the crowning conclusion to the Jagdschloss Granitz, which were many memorable and emotional experiences that long our riders, guests and spectators are kept in memory.